Codon — The Code of Life: Little Words, Big Message

Dog, do u like this name Atman
[22:18:53] Caroline_Gao: anima
[22:18:56] Caroline_Gao: or anima
[22:22:01] Caroline_Gao: I like Codon this word, it has the meaning of Atman.
[22:22:21] Caroline_Gao: I have kwon several different people.
[22:22:38] Caroline_Gao: Like the facebook direct of design Julie Zhuo
[22:22:46] Caroline_Gao: than another lady
[22:22:59] Caroline_Gao: How giant websites design for you (and a billion others, too)
[22:23:12] Caroline_Gao: She is also a direct of design of facebook
[22:23:22] Caroline_Gao: also worked for google, YouTube, etc
[22:23:32] Caroline_Gao: Then I found somebodys design is wonderful
[22:23:40] Caroline_Gao: somebody’s design is great
[22:24:10] Caroline_Gao: from some body’s design, I can see they have tried hard
[22:24:27] Caroline_Gao: But from some few people’s design, I can see their spirit inside.
[22:24:36] Caroline_Gao: It is same in a concert
[22:24:57] Caroline_Gao: All the players, they all really have done well
[22:25:33] Caroline_Gao: However, the super one, like the young man whose name is Jim Lee where I saw his performance yesterday in the concert.
[22:25:39] Caroline_Gao: I was moved by his music
[22:25:58] Caroline_Gao: He was not playing music, he is playing his spirit.
[22:26:07] Caroline_Gao: That causes the different product.
[22:26:47] Caroline_Gao: We need to pour in our spirit into our work, our business, our product.
[22:26:55] Caroline_Gao: That causes the difference
[22:27:14] Caroline_Gao: Therefore, I like some name like Codon, Atman.
[22:27:22] Caroline_Gao: Codon, it means DNA
[22:27:32] Caroline_Gao: Our products should have DNA
[22:27:42] Caroline_Gao: But it is hard to pronounce for me
[22:27:53] Caroline_Gao: It does not pronounce as Coden
[22:28:06] Caroline_Gao: Codon has not different pronounce with Coden.
[22:28:12] Caroline_Gao: I do not know how to pronounce it
[22:28:19] Caroline_Gao: Atman is an Indian word
[22:28:25] Caroline_Gao: so it has religious
[22:28:32] Caroline_Gao: that might not a good choice as well.
[22:28:39] Caroline_Gao: It is not a modern name.
[22:28:55] Caroline_Gao: Dog, do u have any thoughs? Cool ideas?
[22:28:57] Caroline_Gao: ☺
[22:29:08] Caroline_Gao: The Code of Life: Little Words, Big Message

[22:35:23] Caroline_Gao:

Codon — Code On. Write DNA for your Code. Code DNA for your product. Write novel code. Write a code of life.

Codon — Code On. The DNA Code for your product. Code a product with soul, psyche, atman, anima.

Code on a product with psyche and can be continuable.

  1. Code-On the DNA for your Product.
  2. The Codon of your Product: Little Words, Big messages.

The best one: Codon — The life of Code. Build the Product with vitality, life-force.

Codon brings the world’s creative people to collaborate to build the best product with vitality.

Build the soul product with vitality.

Codon brings the world’s creative people to collaborate to build the soul product with vitality.

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