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When the Problem is You

Embrace it.

Sometimes, when a string of bad things happen to a person, when deal with multiple interpersonal issues, when they can’t hold down a job, we say:

Look at the common theme in all of these problems. It’s you. What are you doing wrong?

To be sure, it’s important to explore this question and see what areas of ourselves are ripe for improvement. But this question also has undercurrents of shame to it — or very blatant currents of shame.

Maybe the issue really is you, though.

That’s not always terrible.

Maybe you haven’t held a job for too long because you won’t settle for anything less than what you deserve.

Because managers can be pretty horrible sometimes, and project their insecurities or failings onto their employees.

Because sometimes life throws curveballs.

Because you’re exploring everything the world has to offer in money-making tasks.

Because you don’t want to waste your time (most of your week, I might add) doing something that just doesn’t make you feel good.

Maybe you’ve had some interpersonal problems because you’re maturing, and your friends aren’t.

Because you’ve become surrounded by the wrong people.

Because people tend to be stuck in their ways and don’t like being challenged…and you challenge them.

Because people are afraid of someone who lives fully.

Because you actually have boundaries — and stick to them.

Maybe our society and culture is full of bullcrap and you don’t jive well with that.

Whether it means introspection and bettering yourself, or feeling confident in yourself and your path -

Embrace you. Be free.

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