When Trying to Get Things Done .

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Now to be clear, you have the right to your feelings, no matter what anyone tells you. And people will try to tell you how to feel. But we can’t control our feeling. All we can do is control what we do with them.

And that’s the part I’ve been thinking about lately as I noticed how much we base our decisions on feelings. Although they are not facts, they are ever changing, and not a reliable source.

For example, the other day my friend said she had to take care of some business and something I did reminded her…

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In Michelle Obama’s words, “It’s become an interesting mantra in the minds of women, but it’s so stupid.” And Julia Roberts said it’s an idea that exist “only to make us crazy.” Their conversation in “… It’s okay to not have it all,” video would not leave my thoughts, making me question what it means to have it all and is it realistic?

From the Obama’s and Roberts’ of today’s world to the Proverbs 31 woman in the Bible, many admire a woman that seems to have it all and make it all work effortlessly. I can admit, my definition…

Thank you for the lessons I will bring into the new year

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Thank you for giving me the audacity to think I can change. 2018 made me aware that I needed to, but you showed me it is possible and beneficial.

You taught me how to dream big by taking small steps.

Often I have big ideas that can intimidate me when I think about what have to do. But the lesson you taught me was that nothing gets done if I don’t take the first step. And the first step (no matter how small it is) will lead me to the next step, and before you know it, I do the undoable.

Like when I wanted to create something for those who…

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Everyone is talking about ways to be a better version of themselves.

But most leave out the main source, GOD.

I was talking — that — talk — too.

Going from articles to videos, trying to keep up with routines and productivity hustles.

Making the perfect schedule only to crumble.

All the while God was trying to slow me down.

Trying to get me to spend time with Him.

He kept saying, “Go back to the beginning, my child.”

“Come back to me; the true source of your help.”

“Sit with me.”

“Learn of me.”

“And then you will learn of yourself.”

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They claim if you are consistently late; it is because you don’t have consideration for others.

No one ever told me this directly; but when I would relieve coworkers, their sour faces very well may have been a sign. Not that I would notice. I was too busy taking a deep breath from the rush and settling into work with hopes my day would get better.

It wasn’t much different with events or significant appointments. Time would always get away from me. Like clockwork at the hour when I had no choice, I would make a dash for it. …

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Avoiding getting things done is like standing in quicksand. Eventually, you will drown in an ever-growing to-do-list. Overwhelm, you would want to bury your head in the sand, acting like nothing exists.

I have found myself in situations like that and felt consumed with anxiety. Although I agree — procrastination is a real struggle — I have to admit it’s a poor excuse.

If you search for it, you will find all kinds of advice on how to stop procrastinating. But I have not heard one as eye-opening as the statement from Myleik Teele.

I love listening to the simple…

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Can you imagine this world without the words thank-you?

If you used the words you already know the magic of them. But it doesn’t hurt to have a reminder. Thank-you should be an important part of our everyday conversation. It is a simple but powerful phrase that can get lost in our self-absorbed world.

Like some may find it irrelevant to say it to those they think already know how much they appreciate them. Or when one is on autopilot receiving and they become entitled instead of grateful. It’s unfortunate saying thank-you can become an afterthought or not a thought…

No matter what I heard about this book, I was going to read it. “Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person.” Why not? It’s written by Shonda Rhimes.

Now, let me be honest. Sometimes it felt like I was in the scene of Scandal. Listening to Olivia Pope tell her gladiators to get their lives. You know? That fast-paced narrative she uses at times to drive home a point. It often makes me wonder — who talks like that? Probably only the people in ShondaLand. But it didn’t make me…

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“I am on this journey of being free. Of getting unstuck and living my best life for sure,” Siobhan Sudberry said. Her journey has led her to a career as a life coach, where she teaches women how to get unstuck. Most women battle with fear of failing, but she has inspired many to be courageous. And when it comes to facing her own fears she has learned to change the negative narrative in her head.

Like many entrepreneurs facing fears for Sudberry is a part of business. Most recent she wanted to announce her 2019 retreat. …

Iris Kirkland

I am a writer, and all I want to do is create dope stuff that honors Him. www.iriskirkland.com

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