How to increase creativity and self-awareness through an unconscious lens

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

As a writer, I look for inspiration everywhere. Whether that be through conversations I hear on the street or from subplots of the book I’m reading — if it interests me, I write it down.

The best sorts of inspiration are always the weirdest. Have you ever had a wacky dream and thought, “Wow, did I seriously come up with that myself?”. Our minds are miraculous little machines — and dreams are weird. The fact that psychologists are still solving the mysteries of dreams demonstrates their unpredictable nature — and mystery is captivating.

When we do remember our dreams, it’s worthwhile to write them down. Whether they are full of exciting novel plots or manifestations of your daily anxieties, keeping track of your dreams in a nifty little journal can reveal thoughts, ideas, and emotions our unconscious minds hide from our awareness. …


Lady Jade

Eighteen • Lean, Mean Writing Machine • Photographer • Music Enthusiast • Avocado Fan • Animal Lover

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