On Leaving the SJW Cult and Finding Myself
Keri Smith

Ms. Smith, God bless you. I am glad that you have seen the light. Even if your path does not take you into conservatism, you have done a great deal for yourself and others by getting away from the radical, extreme left. Please keep working on yourself and also help lead others away from that darkness. Please also understand that the Left has been this way since inception (see French Revolution) and in America the Democrats were taken over by the New Left in 1968. Before that they were not this way. I would still have issues with some of their agenda, but at least they were people you could have a debate with. Not so anymore. And it’s only gotten worse. I’m old enough to have witnessed their further descent. Ask people who are even older than me (in their 60s and 70s) and they will tell you the same thing. Keep up the good work. Do not be afraid. We have your back even if we never agree on anything else.

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