10 great things about America in the last 10 years

In 2007 social media and Technology have improved the lives of all Americans and all people on earth. Apple introduced its first iPhone the beginning of 2008. President Barack Obama announced his candidacy on a brand new social medium form called Twitter.

Race relations were seen by a majority of Americans as VERY GOOD from 1992 to 2012. America has fought very hard to have civil rights for all of man and woman kind. Even to the point of child labor laws for many industrialized nations today still force children from the age of 8 to 13 to work 10 to 12 hours a day.

Also it is an entitlement and right to get a public education from kindergarten til High School age 18.

Child Care is provided for low income families.

Most states have free food provided for children in low-income circumstances. There r children all across the world are starving on a daily basis.

There are even domesticated animal and wild animal welfare organizations created and here in America.

The Great Recession from 2007 into 2008 Americans have recovered from 10% unemployment rate to just below 5%. People have lost their homes and their jobs but starting in 2010 people were being protected from losing their homes, and if not getting their old job back they got a higher paying wage and working less hours and found that their old job was not needed because they were working less hours and getting the same pay.

In the last seven years people no longer had to file bankruptcy ,sell their homes their cars ,and could not continue higher education due to health care costs.

Now- Americans have been living longer and healthier lives with Better Health Care Systems Across the Nation.

The state of Massachusetts had a Statewide mandatory health care for all of its citizens. It started in 1998 and to this day thrives by giving thousands of jobs, prolonging life for all those that live in Massachusetts and Healthcare is Affordable for all.

American President Obama made it a human right and not something that only the rich could afford. Doctors, nurses and emergency rooms Across the Nation were relieved of the passing of the Affordable Health Care Act. Many presidents- over the past 56 years have tried to bring universal healthcare for all its citizens. It was finally known and affordable for all when the United States Supreme Court Justices found it legal and upheld 8 - 1 vote.

For the first time in American history all nations with nuclear weapon capacity agreed to disarm their nuclear weapons. Russia, North Korea, and China. Under the French treaty act under the American president Obama.

For the first time in American history All Nations on the globe agreed there is climate change that is severely escalating at a rapid rate that has never been seen before due to man-made toxins. And All Nations signed a treaty agreement to devolve man's impact on the environment and protect Wildlife across the globe.

Never before has the whole planet worked together to save the planet, it's animals, vegetation, and people.

New jobs have been created all across America due to the Clean Air Act and laws. When jobs that are outdated and have been automated and have left human beings out of work --companies adapted for the future by creating information technology and data systems that need human beings to input information. To regulate and secure automated systems. And to do physical labor and construction of hydrothermal, hydropower, wind power, and solar power energy systems Across the Nation. NEW ENERGY systems created 1000s of American jibs and independence from foriegn fossil fuels.

In the past 10 years America has been one of the most safest countries on the planet. No terrorist attacks. No invasions by foreign countries. Any small terrorist eruptions across the states all criminals were caught and held accountable. We have the largest and most highly technically trained military in the world. We are the only nation that has a full voluntary military force. No citizen is forced to serve. Every military personnel wants to Serve and Protect America.

And in the first time and the history of mankind America spearheaded civil rights for all Americans. You can serve in the military no matter what your sexual orientation is. No matter what your gender is. You can marry the person you love. You can practice the faith you choose. You can be accepted by all Americans no matter what the color of your skin is. This is the only nation on the planet that accepts any human being AS IS!

This is what America evolved into and up until January 19, 2017....

U must these facts out loud, often, and to . Everyday. And remind yourself. America is great. It was great. And we must work hard to keep it great on these points presented above.