White Rage is America’s Religion & Drug of Choice
Charles Clymer

This is all well and good and I agree with it as a white person. But recently we had an election in Los Angeles California where I was Poll inspector. One of my clerks I worked with before is a black female that’s an elementary school teacher that is on the moderate middle-class income level. She drives a 20 year old car and owns a very simple 2-bedroom house. So she would even consider herself more on the Poor Side.

On March 7th the turnout was only 11% to vote for mayor & City commissioners and helping the homeless propositions. Another clerk working this day is a retired US Air Force captain. A white man. We openly spoke about politics when no voters were around.

The black female Elementary School teacher in her mid-sixties, Melvia, voted for Donald Trump. I asked her why. She stated that she could relate to Donald Trump more than she could Hillary Clinton. She is a Christian woman and felt Hillary Clinton only went to church every four years when she wanted America to vote for her. I asked her what religion is Donald Trump? She replied she didn’t care but his actions show he is very Christian. He will never have abortions as his policies.

I stated that it is believed that he forced his second wife to having two abortions. This Melvia, believed that was fake news. I asked her to give me examples of Christian actions Donald Trump has done as a candidate and now currently as a president. The black female educated woman stated that she didn’t care if Donald Trump was Christian or not he could be Jewish for all she cared. She said she knows that Donald Trump will overturn Roe vs. Wade. Get rid of Planned Parenthood. And bring jobs to all of America.

The Us Airman asked how does she relate to a white old rich man? She stated she is actually poor and she doesn’t matter what the skin color is she just thought Hillary Clinton was a liar and a thief and stealing money out of all Americans pockets.

I asked her what forms of news media does she read or generate resources for daily information on American politics. She stated she watches CBN the Christian Broadcast News. She stated she admired Donald Trump for appearing on that news program. I stated that we have a supercomputer in the palm of our hands that we could search and research respectable news sources and I found that Hillary Clinton was also on the Christian Broadcast News interview in 2016. The Airman and I realized I was breaking apart Melvia’s platform of why she voted for Donald Trump and has so much hope in Donald Trump.

But this did not deter her and her beliefs in any way. She truly believes that an old white rich man is someone that she can relate to more than a white woman and she did not vote for Barack Obama and thought he has ruined the country and left an awful mess for Donald Trump.

I asked her questions so that we can relate to things on the same level. I said I felt doubtful to have another Dynasty be in the White House. It went from Adams to the Bushes and now it could have been the Clintons. This black female American educated all the way up to a graduate degree and teaching Elementary School in California said that she didn’t care and she would like to see Ivanka Trump become president next.

I stated I see that America needs to shake things up so was that one of the things that attracted you to Donald Trump throwing a bomb into the whole political environment?

I asked if she hated Hillary Clinton so much that she voted for Donald Trump by default.?

Negative. She went back to her beliefs that Donald Trump is a very Christian man he surrounded himself with other Christian men and they will overturn Roe v Wade get rid of all bad economy policies Barack Obama has enlisted and will bring Law & Order back to America.

She then stated that Hillary Clinton has slaughtered little babies and she’s a liar and a thief and she did not believe Chelsea Clinton was even her child. The US Airmen stated Chelsea Clinton looks exactly like Hillary Clinton so we both laughed I asked her what does she think of Oprah Winfrey. She said she thinks Oprah Winfrey is trying to act like a rich white woman.

I stated to her that in my lifetime when I find women don’t respect Oprah Winfrey from all that she’s accomplished from where she came from to where she is today and all the millions of human beings and Oprah Winfrey’s help directly or indirectly that there seems to be a problem for the person not seeing all of reality if they can’t even say one kind thing about Oprah Winfrey.

I kept hoping that Melvia was pulling our leg. That an educated black American Woman would not follow Trump in any way shape or form. The Airman even brought up that there is only one black man represented in Donald Trump’s cabinet and Melvia had an answer to that one-- Donald Trump hasn’t hired all the people he needs just yet and he is going to hire black women and black men and appoint a black woman for the US Supreme Court.

She told me she goes to this local evangelical church and I asked is it predominantly black and she stated affirmative. I said does your pastor give speeches to follow Donald Trump? She said absolutely! During the campaigning their pastor had phone call in parties to make sure other black Americans vote for Donald Trump and the whole Republican down ballot. They want to get rid of Planned Parenthood and bring Christianity back to America.

I was flummoxed! She told me those polls are for stupid white folks. The majority of black people didn’t vote for Barack Obama but a majority voted for Donald Trump. But I had to bring out the facts about Barack Obama. And then she discounted the New York Times article and Washington Post article I found online.

I asked Melvia if she ever considered running for public office. Does she not see a void that she’s not being represented as a black female in America. She said the white supremacy thing is made up by white Americans! Just as Kwanzaa was made up by a white Jew!

I’m finding more more that Mexicans that are American citizens here in the Los Angeles area also voted for Donald Trump. I find out Mexican female American women voted for Donald Trump.

I even reached out to Melvia that she is part of the teachers union here in Los Angeles. And the reason she gets pay hike and full insurance paid is due for the union fighting for her rights as an employee. She said and believes she would have gotten all these benefits without the Union. And she’s looking forward to the Trump Administration getting rid of all forced unions for employees in America

We worked together for 16 hours on March 7th and we talked about many subjects from our pet dogs to color schemes to wear during our climate change here in Southern California. And to these politics. We also spoke of music genres.

She did not live in a bubble and was not delusional about any of these other subjects. The only thing I found that would confirm my personal thoughts that she has a few screws loose was that she puts a diaper around her dog because she doesn’t have time to walk the dog everyday or let it go outside.

Otherwise it was very concerning that she has a whole church full of black Americans with the pastor proselytizing for Hope for America with the Trump Administration. Broke every preconceived notion I have and your article has today.