Do Not try to talk to a woman who is wearing headphones!!

Okay fellas… Now there is a guy who has a site call “The Modern Man” and he wrote an article about approaching women who has on headphones. So I’ve decided to bring in two amazing Ladies with me to help you further understand why this is a problem.

This is a problem for me because well, when I have on headphones I’m not interested in having a conversation and I really don’t want your attention. I’m not being shy and you coming up to me at All, will automaticly make me ignore you in full. If you’re persistent, I will be on guard and will get away from you. Do Not follow me… That’s creepy and stalkerish. Now here are the statements from my two friends who are also women!

Q: Okay, tell me what is it about this article that makes you ladies uncomfortable?

Ash: Personally, I feel that an article like this completely disregards a woman’s feelings and opinions.

Shari: Without reading anything and just a glance, the pictures. After reading and watching one and a half of the videos, it is apparent that women’s feelings are of little regard. Multiple times he speaks of igniting sexual desire in a woman as though she has no real preferences or desires and is just an animal to be hunted and caught.

Q: What would be of great use to the guys that want to approach a woman who is wearing headphones or is on her tablet?

Ash: Actual manners LOL We teach our kids how to say excuse me when they want to interrupt a conversation or get someone’s attention, so it shouldn’t be too hard for a grown ass man to say excuse me to a woman to get her attention. If she acts like she didn’t hear you or if she didn’t hear you at all leave it alone. She obviously turned the volume up on her headphones so she would not have to have human interaction, leave that woman alone.

Shari: If a woman is wearing head phones, DON’T. Just don’t, unless you already know her and even then, it depends on their personality. Headphones are a universal sign that she is wanting to block out the world around her. The same could be said if she’s on her phone or tablet or even reading a book. However, if you just can’t pass up the opportunity, be respectful and approach her like a human deserving respect. Say excuse me since you’re interrupting her and if she ignores you, she obviously doesn’t want to talk.

Q: What do you want to say to the idjit that made this article and videos that comes with it?

Ash: I just have one question for him… Is this a joke? Seriously though, is this a joke? If not, I’m pretty sure you’re one at this time.

Shari: To the guy that made this, thanks for the laughs you inconsiderate jerk. Your pictures look predatory and your advice is convoluted at best. Please do us all a favor and stop helping to raise the population of creepy, predatory asses. Thanks.

Q: Any last advise for the fellas out there?

Ash: Advice… Let things happen naturally. By the end of your first conversation I’m pretty sure the woman already knows whether or not she wants to sleep with you. Rushing the situation or putting pressure on her is not going to help your situation at all. Also, please respect her personal boundaries.

Shari: Advice for guys, be yourself. If yourself is an ass, then change yourself. Despite what this guy says, you have to bring something more than just being able to make a girl laugh and if you’re not her type, then you’re not her type. Don’t push yourself on her and respect that just like you would want to be respected if a girl wasn’t your type.

Awesome! Thank you ladies so much for helping me out with this one. I really look forward to doing this again.

If you are interested in this rather cringe worthy article be my guest you’ll find it here:

<a href=""></a>

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