The Manifestation of the Sons and Daughters of God

A Message From Father God for August 25, 2016

The Manifestation of the Sons and Daughters of God

My Children, this is your Father God, speaking to you now. Listen carefully, as I update you on your condition in this world today. The Devil has the whole world under his magic spell of darkness. And what is darkness, and deep darkness, at that? It is DECEPTION. The people are living under a false reality. What the majority of people believe about the world, is spellcast upon them by black magical arts. These are ancient arts that have been perfected by your enemies with the use of technological means.

I am going to talk to you about the prince of this world and how he has deceived mankind.

You should know and believe that ever since Adam disobeyed, Satan has had dominion over your world. Remember also that Satan offered that dominion to Jesus, trying to tempt Jesus in the wilderness.

Those whom you call The Powers That Be (TPTB) worship and serve Satan, and take orders from the principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness in high places.

These spiritual entities were originally meant to assist mankind with inspiration over regions, cities, and farmlands. They were meant to be as lesser gods under My rulership, but they fell into darkness, being deceived by Satan.

As you can see, here are examples of two principalities over Persia and Greece who were orchestrating the decisions of rulers of those kingdoms. These entities are highly intelligent and have an advantage of knowing the bigger picture for directing the activities of TPTB that serve them. They deceive powerful men to execute their evil plans.

So, to recap, you have Satan and these rulers influencing the elite to implement their plans for a New World Order. Understanding this, you now know why the NWO plans have been in place for centuries. These plans will culminate in the coming of the Antichrist or Beast who will at first bring peace to the world, but in the end, demand worship as though he were God. And by that time, most of the people will obey and worship him.

Why Isaiah warned that ‘gross darkness’ would be upon you is because of the technological advances available to your elite controllers. I will give you some research terms for you to investigate to inform yourselves of what you are up against. You need to look into Sentient World Simulation (SWS). This simulation run by powerful quantum computers has individual “nodes” to represent every person on Earth, and can predict how people will react to given Psychological Operations (PSYOP).

Pentagon Wants ALL Data to Recreate ‘Parallel Virtual Earth’ for Testing and Conditioning Human Responses to Psy-ops in Real Time [Poll]

The next item to research is “Electronic Warfare”, and you can look at the work done by Deborah Tavares and her website, She covers many topics related to existing electronic warfare and the plans to exert more control through using Climate-change Projects and Climate Action Plans.

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 USA INC Predatory Government Betrayal — We’re Living In A False Reality [video]

ARE YOU A TI ? Targeted Individual? — Warning re: Voice to skull Technology


“One especially invasive attack method in the arena of ‘psycho-electronic’ mind control is ‘voice to skull’. Voice to skull is the transmission of voice, or any other audible or subliminal sound, directly into the hearing sense of the mind control victim. This is sometimes done around the clock and can be one of the severest forms of torture. Voice to skull technology is sometimes referred to as “synthetic telepathy.” Current-day voice to skull cannot be stopped by any known electromagnetic shielding, a fact which demonstrates how advanced classified mind control technology has become.”

Stop right here and listen carefully, My Children. I alone can protect you from any and all such technologies, but you must ASK ME, NOW.


And lastly, you need to study about the Mandela Effect or Quantum Effect, whereby the evildoers use CERN and D-WAVE quantum computers to change your reality. You should read my previous messages.

The End of All Things Is Upon Us — An Urgent Message from Father God

ALERT TO ALL CHRISTIANS — The great deception is now revealed.

Yes, My believers, the changes to reality are the strong delusion that I warned about. These changes contribute greatly to the false reality that everyone lives under, besides the LIES and DECEPTIONS, which include falsified histories.

So, altogether, everyone has learned lies about your reality, what you have believed is being changed daily on the quantum level, and the plans to cause you to worship Satan as God are moving at breakneck speed at this time, because Satan now knows that he has a short time left.

As I explained in previous messages, you are deep into the events of the book of Revelation. Now, you should be asking, why am I allowing all this, and what do I plan to do about it all?

I am allowing all the deception and coming of the NWO and the Antichrist, to finish out the age according to My Word. And My plan is to bring you forth as My Sons and Daughters, to perform great exploits, to bring in My Harvest of souls and establish My Glorious Kingdom. You will do this by walking in Truth and obeying My Holy Spirit, as I guide you step by step, into your Transformation (Glorification).

See here two most recent Words from my servants:

Being a Vessel of Christ During the Mandela Effect. Excellent God inspired Word.


Laura Marconi

And lastly, I will not leave you without even further help, because I will send you My Two Witnesses as promised in the book of Revelation, Chapter 11. They will testify and preach the truth to the world, before the end comes.

Because there has been much speculation and confusion among believers, I will tell you now that one of the Two Witnesses is the Prophet Elijah; the man who went to Heaven in a fiery chariot, will return to Earth to restore all things, as Jesus promised. The other witness I will not reveal at this time, because my vessels are unable to draw out this truth.

Know and be assured, that you need only ask of Me, for help, and I will answer. I will and am able to keep your reality intact and protect you from unseen forces. I will give you shelter and provisions according to my Psalm 91. Please read my previous messages for more details about all the issues mentioned in this Word today.

I love you all, both saved and unsaved, so very much. I am yours, and you are mine. These judgments upon the Earth are mixed with My Great Mercy. I will help you, just ask. Ask now as you are reading this, to take care of your situation immediately. This request of Me is paramount to your physical and spiritual survival. Do not FEAR, but trust me completely. Seek out others who believe on me with a strong faith and they will support you with true words to strengthen your faith. Other believers are easily found with your social media programs such as Facebook and Twitter. The end will come quickly, as per my previous message, there is little time left. I will have you in my Arms, in a minute.

The following verse is how the book of Revelation should end:

Rev 22:20 He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.


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