Time Travel and Look at Our Universe

Time Travel and Look at Our Universe

Let us take a Giant step back from the universe and observe the week that was, what remains of this weekend, and the week that is coming.

Last week we saw the many scandals of what can be seen as the result of our culture embracing the mores of one Hugh Hefner, who recently died and was celebrated. Suddenly, now, we realize that we do not condone accepting that women and children can be objectified as sex objects to be pinched, grabbed, and groped, with impunity. Our moral compass has come starkly into view and we do NOT like the directions we have been traveling.

President Trump surprised the world by tweeting factual information that shed light on Muslim practices that most people simply do not condone. Many so-called moderate Muslims were faced with their own feelings about the three tweets. Even stealing the Mother Mary statue had an impact on Muslim sensibilities. Reaction from the UK was not well thought out. The tweets simply showed some truth to the world.

To finish the week, we saw the “Nothing burger” of the General Flynn plea deal as pertains to ‘Russia Collusion’. ABC News stepped in it and tracked it through the mainstream media news to make so much of a stink that the stock market reacted and a retraction and disciplinary action was needed on ABC’s part.

There is way too much speculation on social media as to what Flynn’s deal really means that we should simply admit that no one really knows right now.

Finally, we had a WIN. A Tax Reform Bill was passed but we must wait for the two versions to be reconciled. I hope we get four brackets and medical deductions. What changes are you looking for, to remain in the final bill?

This weekend the major story redpilling the nation is the several tweets by President Donald Trump on Sunday. He brings to our attention the corruption that has been in our FBI and its injustice in the handling of the Hillary Clinton email case. He promises that Director Wray will turn things around. The situation is a Travesty and a Fiasco, combined.

Next week, we can look forward to chatter on the reconciliation of the Tax Reform Bill. We are also likely to hear more sexual harassment accusations, as they are dribbling in. There are thousands of sealed indictments, but rumor has it that there will be no action on them until the first of the year.

Sadly, we can expect to be barraged with more “Fake News” in the form of spin manipulations, as the mainstream media continues to beat upon the dead horse’s rotting corpse of ‘Russia Collusion’. Now they are hanging their hats on ‘obstruction of justice’. They have NOTHING. Be leery of them.

Some of us on social media have been excited about the #QAnon Phenomenon. There is a FAQ and a .PDF file of all Q’s posts to help you catch up on what it is all about. Suffice to say, we now see our way clear to defeating the Deep State and its Globalists, and returning countries to national sovereignty. We await new QAnon truth bread crumbs on 8chan’s CBTS thread.

Taking all into account of the recent past, current present, and near future, we are witnessing a promise from the Bible coming true. All that is hidden will come to the light of day. Understand that, the light is now winning by increasing and exposing what has been done in darkness. Exposure and red pilling ourselves is the essence of the QAnon Mission. We become the media. We control the narrative with truth telling. In summary, behind all that is happening is a Loving, Heavenly Father, who is assisting us to find our right way.


The FAQ of #QAnon — #RedPill Your Friends!
 It is short, everyone who wants to know #WhoIsQAnon should read it

The Book of Q

To Search for #QAnon posts select the CBTS thread and use control-F to search for ITPb.qbhqo

Image on Thread to look for at 8chan

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