Violence Is Coming To The Streets Of America

Violence Is Coming To The Streets of America

A Message From Father God For Sunday May 28, 2017

There are intricate plans afoot to incite violence among the population. Leftist groups, funded by evil men like George Soros, are organizing marches for a Summer of Rage and Protest. Research “ANTIFA”, a group that trains to be terrorists and whose goal is to foment Civil War in the United States.

The “Deep State” will stop at nothing to destroy the United States. These plans have little to do with Clinton losing the election. The goal is to have “Martial Law” declared and put the citizens under the control of the “COG” which is the Continuity Of Government, with FEMA at the helm. Their plans ignore the authority of President Trump. They expect him to do their bidding.

By promoting widespread civil unrest, the Deep State will force President Trump’s hand, and he will have to declare a State of Emergency. In addition to the expected Riots, TPTB (The Powers That Be) have at their disposal the instrument of a False Flag. A contrived Terrorist Attack on the Homeland is all they need to cast the country into chaos. In addition they will choose whichever enemy suits their purpose on whom to blame the attack. The result will be a state of war against that enemy and an excuse to retaliate and send more of our soldiers into war overseas. The less military within the country, the better to ensure that they will not be able to resist the takeover.

The bottom line, my beloved people, is that your country and Republic will be lost. They have the mass media to tell the people to believe whatever they want. Any dissenting voices in the Alternative Media will be ridiculed and silenced by the censorship algorithms already in place on social media. You will obey their commands and curfews or face retribution. They can place whomever they want into dictatorial power, yes, even Obama. Trump will be helpless to stop them.

Now that the Seth Rich story has reemerged they are even more desperate to get everything into place. They can play on any outrage that gets people to march and place opposing marchers against them, to incite organic violence. The fighting will seem to have naturally sprung up, but all is planned and funded. They will summarily murder any out-spoken people that get in their way, whether it is political assassinations or a total one that results in death of their opponents. The media will be used to fan the flames of general outrage to get even more people to take to the streets.

What shall you do? How can you save the Republic? The situation calls for a preemptive strike. You must go for the jugular of the Deep State. The Seth Rich assassination and investigation could be a vehicle toward exposing the deep corruption in the same entities that are planning this takeover. Take to the streets now, either figuratively on social media, or literally in quickly planned marches for justice for Seth Rich. Your time is very short as we have June on the Horizon. The Seth Rich scandal is the Key to the potential downfall of your enemies.

Pray for your President Trump. TPTB are paralyzing him with chaos from the leaks and made up fake news stories from unnamed sources. If they can keep Trump busy with counter attacks for a few more days then he cannot strike them first. You need arrests. You need allies in the Congress and Senate to speak out and demand a true investigation into the death of the DNC staffer, Seth Rich. Two have come forward so far. You need allies in mainstream media like Sean Hannity on Fox News, but now there are rumors that he may be fired. You have to take over the narrative and CRUSH their Russia Hacking lies, by exposing CrowdStrike’s role in the consensus among the 17 intelligence agencies’ report. It is all one huge SCAM. You might notice now that you have let the scam rage for many months. Now, due to your collective inaction, your enemies have the upperhand in the brainwashing of the people. Russia, Russia, Russia, is all you have heard and now too many of you believe Russia hacked the DNC and colluded with Trump and his associates.

You need My help. You need My intervention. I am at the ready to step in and cause the tide to turn in favor of saving the American Republic. Your role in the world is to spread the Gospel when I raise up my Glorified Ones. You can avoid this coming chaos by praying to Me sincerely. I am able to move upon the hearts of men and women so that they do what is necessary to Thwart ALL the plans of the Deep State, and destroy their webs of control. Yes, you need a Miracle and I am in the Miracle making business. It can be done, if you get down on your knees and believe in Me, have faith in My love for you, and ask Me for specific solutions to any problems you face.

You have out-spoken leaders in your alternative media, but they are relying too much on their human sources. I am their Source. You need to pray that they also turn to me for direction and that they include me in their articles and videos. I am the Power behind any Salvation from this wicked takeover plan. Your leaders must not be ashamed to invoke My Name and compel their readers and listeners to pray for My help. In this manner all of your efforts will openly include Me, in whom your enemies do not believe. That ultimately is the downfall of the Evil Elite is that they do not believe I exist and that I can exact Justice on them. I move swiftly and accurately. You will be amazed at what I can cause to happen to move events into your favor.

Call on Me. Humble yourself. Start and End each day speaking to Me. I will protect and provide for you and your loved ones. The end of America is not certain, because the people, together with Me at the lead, can finally excise this Deep State cancer once and for all. Taste Victory. Decree Victory. I am the God who is the Lord of Hosts. My angelic army is at the ready to do my commands in all situations.

Trust Me, My beloved Children. I am for you. I love you in ways that you cannot yet understand. However, I am willing to show you My love in all your circumstances. Spread the word that God the Father is helping the patriots of America to defeat the Deep State.



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