HICC Praise & Worship

Every praise and worship I can feel God’s presence among us. As I come with an expectant heart I prayed about my struggle. My insecurities. My relationship. The unhealthy one to add on. I know God is not pleased with it but I still insist in doing it on my own way. Until the 2nd night of praise and worship, God urge me to kneel down before Him and ask help DESPERATELY from Him. And I cried and cried and cried. Because I know I have sinned against Him. And it is not pleasing to God. I was conflicted with my own desire and His plan for me. It was very difficult to lay down it once again but God ensure me that this is not what He want for me. That I need to learn to wait. That this relationship will bring me to vain. Will bring me sinning against Him. Will makes me drawn far against Him. I cried out for help that night asking Him to help me to get out from this miry clay. Like really pouring out my heart. All the insecurities the uncertainty the fear of the unknow about future especially marriage, i pour out to Him. I told Him everything that is in my heart. And I feel refreshed once again. I feel His love. His embrace. That God will always there for me. Even if I sinned against Him. But I don’t want to take it for granted. I have decided to get out from this relationship. Again. I prayed that God will always guide me and direct me to His way. Daily.