I agree 100 per cent.
Richard Kenneth Eng

The question is… how do we make them listen? How do we, the users, the ones that, at the end of the day, allow Medium’s stock to go up and make more money… how do we talk to them, tell them that this is important and that we, the users, the writers and readers, need something like this? How do we make ourselves heard?

With my Random Button story, I tried to make them listen. I hoped it would trend, allowing it to be picked up by the staff (maybe they would even read it and how awesome would that be!). Apparently that was not to be.

Maybe it’s just something about the style. Maybe my writing is just too… awful? I don’t know, I really don’t know what to do now.

As a programmer, I know that I could recreate Medium in five weeks (given pizza and good hosting) but I’d prefer to see Medium it’s self improve and thrive.

Maybe we could start something. Maybe instead of one story being written and failing to trend, maybe we could create hundreds. Maybe, on one day, at one hour, we could all write the same story, with the same message: we are the users, and we want you to fix Medium! Each story would be to it’s own writer’s following, each story would link to other similar stories, each story would get it’s own recommends and have it’s own chance to trend on Medium. It would spread like wildfire, a trend that even Medium’s staff couldn’t ignore..!

But could we do it? Could we ever pull it off? Would it ever work?

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