9Lives Arena is on Kickstarter

9Lives Arena
2 min readOct 1, 2018
Lets hit the stretch goals

The most competitive fantasy online RPG has hit Kickstarter!

We are thrilled that we hit our initial goal just under 24 hours!

9Lives Arena is a unique online RPG that features a clever combination of permadeath with presistent progression and gives players an online companion — an Ooogy — that works for the player even when he is offline!

this is an Ooogy one of the companions that will work for you!

Ooogies can also be reached out to via the companion App on mobile and allows players to give new tasks to their Ooogy while they are going about their real life at work, in bed or on the beach…

Our Kickstarter rewards are kickass: all of them run on Enjin a unique crypto currency tailor made for gaming!

This will give players true item ownership and the ability to take them out of the game and trade them on decentralized marketplaces.

10 more days to go — don’t miss out on these super rare rewards and the early access to the game that Kickstarter pledges reward you with!

Also feel free to join our telegram chat and ask any questions related to the game….