Enjoy Lip-Smacking Traditional Spanish Dishes at Spanish Kitchen Restaurant

If you are a foodie, you would be aware that Spanish food is recognized as one of the top cuisines in the world. Various Spanish dishes and recipes date hundred years back. Spain was once a huge collection of distinct kingdoms and cultures, hence all of them boasting their own unique dishes, flavors and cuisines. If you want to relish your taste buds with traditional Spanish food, then visit the leading Spanish Kitchen Restaurants.

Famous Spanish Dishes to Try at a Spanish Kitchen Restaurant

Spain is famous for many beautiful things such as beautiful beaches, crackling festivals, fairytale castles, and some of the best cuisines in the world. Mentioned below are some of the best Spanish dishes that are worth giving a try at a Spanish restaurant.

  1. Paella- Paella is a popular traditional dish from Valencia. It is a rice dish containing meat, vegetables, fish, seafood, etc. It is prepared using saffron which gives it a unique yellow color. The three types of paella are- Valencian paella, mixed paella and seafood paella. 
    2. Tapas- Tapas is a complete Spanish tradition food consisting of small dishes of food, snacks or appetizers. These dishes can be cold, warm or can also be served as bar food. Eating tapas gives you a delicious opportunity to enjoy a whole variety of flavors and dishes. 
    3.Spanish Omelette- Spanish Omelette is also known as the queen of the traditional Spanish food. It is a great starter for breakfast, lunch or dinner. These Spanish Omelettes can be easily found in all the bars in varying degrees of quality and flavors. 
    4.Bean Salad- Spain is home to a wide variety of beans, salads and legumes. You can find many regional beans around Spain which are cooked in a mixture of meats. Spain’s beans are used to make some flavorsome bean salads with olive oil, lemon, vinegar drizzled over it. 
    5.Prawns cooked in fried garlic- Spanish prawns are cooked in a dash of olive oil, roasted garlic, or chili to give it a little kick. This dish is too hard to resist when the fragrance of fried garlic smell hits your nostrils.

You can enjoy all these famous traditional Spanish foods at the Spanish Kitchen restaurants. The modern Spanish Kitchens use carefully selected products and ingredients to give the best dining sensations. The chefs at the kitchens use modern techniques such as vacuum cooking in low temperatures to let individuals enjoy signature Spanish dishes with a twist.

Savor Your Taste Buds with Scrumptious Spanish Food

There might be a number of Spanish restaurants where you can visit and enjoy the food. But to taste the authentic Spanish traditional food and flavors, you need to do a little hard work in finding the best Spanish Kitchen restaurants where you can have peace of mind that you will be served delicious Spanish food prepared with authentic ingredients, spices, herbs and flavors. The taste and aroma of the scrumptious food will take you to the other world and you will enjoy every bite of it.

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