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Electrolysis is a method of progressive permanent hair removal.

It involves a very fine probe (which looks like a needle, but is actually blunt) that is inserted into the hair follicle. The skin is NOT pierced.

Once the probe is inserted a galvanic (direct current) and or a high frequency current is released, eventually destroying the hair bulge and its root.

There are three methods of electrolysis : Galvanic, Thermolysis and Blend.

Galvanic was the first method introduced. This is a chemical process where lye ( sodium hydroxide) is produced in the follicle once the current is released. This causes a chemical decomposition within the cells of the follicle, thus slowing and preventing recurring hair growth.

Two electrodes are required with this method (whenever a galvanic current is used), one is the probe and the other is a metal wand that the patient holds onto. This is a very slow process which requires approximately 2 minutes in each hair follicle, therefore this method is no longer or seldom used on its own, but is important for its high percentage of permanent hair elimination.

Thermolysis method provides permanent hair removal via a high frequency current which generates heat. The high frequency energy heats up the hair cells within the follicle eventually causing permanent tissue destruction. This method alone is suitable for thin shallow rooted hairs, it is not recommended for thick, larger rooted hairs, e.g. men’s, grey, red ,hormonally influenced facial and nipple hair. This is due to overheating the follicle causing over sensitivity and pitted scarring. This is why the blend method was introduced.

The blend method is the combination of thermolysis and galvanic current. The heat speeds up the galvanic’s ability to produce lye quicker and the lye speeds up the hair destruction without too much heat generated in the follicle therefore fabulous results without too much trauma.

Electrolysis can be uncomfortable, a consultation is highly recommended to discuss concerns and a treatment plan also a 5 minute trial of treatment to assess skin response.

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