Green Peel Treatments


50 years ago the beautician Christine Schrammek accomplishes peeling methods with herbs for different skin descriptions.

What is Green Peel Herbal Mix?

The Green Peel peeling treatment is a medically developed, biologically based method with exclusive, natural plant ingredients. This purely biologically based treatment ha a plant based compound of active ingredients. NO CHEMICALS.

The Green Peel herbal compound consists of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, mucilages and tannins, phyto hormones enzymes, mineral salts and trace elements. It contains, among other elements:

1- Horsetail

2- Water Horsetail

3- Marigold

4- Aloe Vera

5- Algae

6- Alltae

7- Camomile

8- Pansy

9- Lungworth

10- Ribworth

What Effects The Green Peel Herbs Have?

The Green Peel herbs when massaged into the skin assist in the following:

1- INCREASED CIRCULATION — The increased circulation leads to a stimulated metabolism and purification of the skin.

2- IMPROVED MICROCIRCULATION — As a result of increased circulation of blood, the skin receives more oxygen and nutrients.

3- LOOSENING OF UPPER LAYERS OF SKIN — This stimulates production of new skin cells.

4- INCREASED PRODUCTION OF COLLAGEN AND ELASTOSIS — Improvement of complexion, firming of the skin, a reduction of wrinkle depth and a smoothing of scars.

5- COMEDOLYTIC EFFECT — Acne, impure skin and clogging of sebaceus gland duct is reduced, therefore diminishing or preventing formulation of blemishes or blakcheads. The increased circulation promotes healing and elimination of inflamed skin emphons and underlying infections.