Week in Review 4.29.16

Thursday, your LAFD graduates 48 from its Drill Tower as we welcome a new crop of firefighters into the Department

Your LAFD responded to 8,876 incidents this week and transported 4,141 people to local hospitals. Here’s a glimpse at what else happened:


It took firefighters just 22 minutes to knock down the fire, which was confined to one of the repair facilities late Sunday in North Hills. The cause and the amount of damage are under investigation.

Photos by Rick McClure


A vehicle sheared a fire hydrant before damaging the front of a liquor store and adjacent businesses on southeast corner of Woodman Avenue and Burbank Boulevard in Valley Glen Monday. Though the driver and building occupants avoided injury, teams of Los Angeles Firefighters labored nearly an hour to protect property, as the unstoppable flow of water, fanned by moderate wind, deluged the damaged storefronts and rooftop, where almost 8" of water amassed despite free-flowing roof drains.

Photos by Mike Meadows

Strong winds left a boat in distress Monday, leading to an ocean rescue off the breakwater near Cabrillo Beach. Fireboat 5, one of the Department’s three 40' quick-response crafts, was summoned by the U.S. Coast Guard to respond within the Port of Los Angeles breakwater to assist a 35' sailboat in distress.

With wind gusts approaching 60 mph and rough seas of waves nearing 6 feet, the LAFD rescue boat found the mariner nearly tossed into the water as he labored to gain control of his craft in shipping lanes with a trio of massive ships approaching.

Fireboat 5 pulled the craft to shore, ensuring the skipper’s safety.


Tuesday morning, firefighters responded to an unusual but fortunately non-injury incident. At 7:37 a.m., crews from Fire Station 21 in South L.A., arrived at 1710 E. 55th Street in the Central-Alameda neighborhood, where a train track crossing arm pierced both sets of windows of an occupied school bus. Firefighters ensured safety and used a powerful rotary saw to strategically cut and carefully remove the crossing arm from the bus. Students were escorted from the bus and, though probably shaken, no one was stirred to the hospital.

The LAFD responded Monday to a trash truck on fire in a residential Valley Glen neighborhood. Firefighters quickly extinguished flames to the outside of the massive truck. However, failure to the truck’s hydraulic system required crews to cut through the 1/4" body of the vehicle to fully extinguish the fire in the tightly packed recycled materials, where it was knocked down.

Photos by Mike Meadows

We’re glad your grandma is OK!

This week, we joined the Special Enforcement Bureau of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for a specialized training course. The bureau is home to the High-Risk Tactical / Rescue Teams of the Sheriff’s Department and helped those serving as Tactical EMS (TEMS) team members train.

TEMS teams were established in 2013 after the deadly LAX shooting to ensure life saving care can be applied in situations where crews would otherwise wait for the “all clear.”


Thanks to all who contributed to the March of Dimes’ Fill the Boot campaign!

Looking to make a difference? Please inquire within:


The Los Angeles Fire Department warmly welcomed the agency’s 48 newest members, including five women, at the well-attended graduation ceremony for LAFD Recruit Class 15–3, held at the Fire Department’s Valley Recruit Training Academy Thursday.

Photos by Jeremy Oberstein
Newly minted LAFD Probationary Firefighter Samantha Ralston, moments from receiving her badge, gets engaged. But that’s only half the story. PFF Ralston’s grandfather retired from the LAFD in 1999. He passed away one year ago to the day she graduated. In keeping with the rich tradition of the LAFD, she now wears his badge. Before her grandfather joined the Department, he worked at the former General Motors plant, the site feet from where Drill Tower 81 now stands.

See more photos here → www.flickr.com/photos/lafd/


Crews from Fire Station 50 in Glassell Park handled a motorhome on fire early Friday. No injuries.

Photos by Matt Hartman

Closing out the week, nearly 100 firefighters rushed to Koreatown just before noon Friday to two homes engulfed in flames. Crews strategically surrounded the homes, climbing the roofs of adjacent homes to apply heavy streams of water from above and protect surrounding structures.

After 49 minutes, firefighters declared a knockdown at 12:32 p.m.


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