The Prime sequence

Below is a brief description of my new book The Prime Sequence. It can be found on Amazon by typing in my name (Girifalco).

Sylvie, a brilliant young mathematician, is obsessed with her 60 year old mentor, Cortello, the most important professor at a great university. They have an illicit affair, which ends in tragedy, while they search for a code that will immensely increase the power of computers. Such a code would be worth a fortune.

Farrier, an unscrupulous dean, and Blucker, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, try to get control of the code by accusations of conflict of interest and sexual misconduct. This results in Cortello’s academic ruin. However, their triumph is short lived. Farrier is ruined by the public exposure of his affair with Cheryl, Blucker’s niece, and Blucker is jailed on the testimony of Melmar, the Chief Financial officer who helped Blucker embezzle funds.

When Cortello ends the affair, Sylvie tries to kill herself, but is saved by Cortello. Ultimately, there is a reconciliation.