Canadian Streamers Completely Lose It During Their Live Show — How you can avoid situations like this.

Its no secret that we’re all pretty awesome people — its pretty much a gift from up above. However, that’s not the case with one Canadian Twitch channel by the name of TwoHandsomeMen. Known well for their candid conversations, poor humorous jokes, regretful indulgence of alcohol, and uncomfortable inner-dark comments which would make anyone pause in utter disgust. On May 16th 2017, it seems like all that caught up with the boys — but first, to tell the tale as to why this stream came to a close — I need to start from the beginning.

For legal reason I’m not able to disclose full names

TwoHandsomeMen launched back in early 2015 on Twitch by its host Luke. It was never clarified as to why he started this channel, his brother Connor did mention months later it had something to do with his curious lifestyle. Luke was in a state of depression at the start of THM, stating that in the year prior he fell into the addiction of alcohol, over-the-counter & illegal drugs. It’s quite noticeable in the first few THM streams that are actually posted on the Podcast’s Youtube channel. Appearing mainly overweight, drunk, delirious, confused, belligerent, and very abusive towards his friends. Luke’s inner demons would play a major role as to why their Talk Show came to fail only two years later

Luke started his Talk Show Podcast with his two so-called friends; Kyle and Codi — the show later added Connor, Brad, Geoff, Celena, Jason, and sometimes a lost pet by the name of Byron. The show would usually consist of 4 or 5 people, their fifth guest Brad — a regular during its 2016 run — had an altercation with Luke that led him kicked off the channel and later extradited back to his homeland of Siberia. The fight was due to Brad preferring the MLB team — Baltimore Orioles — over Luke’s favorite team, the Toronto Blue Jays. Yes, Luke would aggressively mandate his friends to watch and prefer the Blue Jays over any other team and sometimes even go as far as threatened them with sexual violence.

His other victim being his younger brother Connor.

Connor was born sometime after Luke and is one of the 4 guests in THM, he’s usually the more explicit one of the bunch. Connor usually caters to sexual demonstrations and antics that will usually make his viewer feel disturbed. There have been rumors circling around the Twitch community as to his sexual preference — hinting his sexuality on stream many times since his arrival on the Podcast — many have assumed he’s into bestiality. Connor is also well known for making cocktail drinks during THM’s side-show stream called Konnor’s Kocktail Korner — a somewhat delightful treat for his viewers — I myself do find it quite enjoyable. This orange albino can be a mystery, he’s a person not in touch with today’s society, his persona changes over the course of one week, and occasionally gives off a somewhat perverted vibe. Strange fello in-deed, only God knows what’s damaging Connor inside.


Ah yes, Codi, probably the only handsome in the “Two-Handsome-Men” — who might be the other “Handsome” one you might say? — no clue. Codi is a really interesting character, a failed theater and commercial actor, appearing on the hit sitcom “Undercover Boss Canada” and television commercials for GAP. During the start of the Podcast, Codi always seemed like the more prominent one, the one to really hit it off in life, perhaps all his wasted time around Luke really takes a toll on people. Codi as of now never return to the stage or in front of the camera, he now proudly shows of his full grown beard — one in which makes him look like a poor man’s Pete Holmes. Its a complete disgrace what happened to Codi, nowadays when you see him on the Podcast he’s usually out of touch with his co-streamers, or usually goes on wild rants about how Viggo Mortensen should’ve won Best Actor for Eastern Promises, he often makes goofy faces towards the camera only to let the viewer acknowledge that he’s a man hurting inside. Its so sad, a once well suited gentlemen, now a lonely soul.

Finally, Kyle, dear God where do I began with this man — probably the most affected with Luke’s friendship. Kyle is an unemployed stay-at-home father who spends his time reading books and promoting his already outdated app. Kyle, who’s the only one in the Podcast to retain a master’s degree, now has trouble staying afloat in today’s economic climate. Kyle at one point tried to commit suicide live on air, during one livestream, Luke, Connor, and Codi Skyped-call Kyle at his friends home in Detroit. Kyle was seen sitting on the tub, fill with water, drinking wine, and contemplating killing himself, out of no concern Luke tried to somewhat get him to come to his senses, Kyle refused, telling the cast how he admired the girl’s bravery in the show “13 Reasons Why”. He’s a distorted young man who’s in need of psychiatric help. Luke also once poisoned Kyle during a livestream, threatening him to eat something which made Kyle shower in tears and in need of medical attention. Kyle is also the least respected by his other co-streamers — if by some reason you haven’t noticed — he’s usually put into odd circumstances in which makes him look scary, bitchy, and sometimes non-male. He also holds a wild fascination for the Instagram-King Dan Bilzerian — he even tries to mimic the man with his appearance and swagger.

Let’s not forget the trouble they caused their followers. THM are responsible for one follower (CopperWire) be expelled from school, and is now seen by a counselor almost daily at his home. A follower by the name of Hunter, is now under Protected Services due to one member of THM asking a minor for sexual favors & images of himself online. Another pretty awesome follower who lives in the Los Angeles area is now in a legal battle with THM for copyright infringement and defamation and is asking for a total sum of $780,000 in damages. THM have also gotten into trouble with other followers, be that with threats, extortion, sexual offerings, and becoming a member of Luke’s cult.

Honestly, having these four in one room is a recipe for disaster. That is why on May 16th 2017, in their regular Tuesday livestream, the fellas were obtaining connection issues which later resulted in their podcast ending early. Many of his followers were upset because of this and demanded a Wednesday stream. Luke with his compulsive attitude told everyone to ”Fuck off”, afterwards Kyle would come to the followers defense and told Luke “Why not, we should give them a tomorrow show bitch”. Luke then grabbed one of his 28 fidget spinner (particularly his minions cover art spinner) and tossed it at Kyle’s eye. Codi tried to maintain some peace, but Luke with his short temper slapped Codi to the ground — oh and by the way, Luke is known for physical violence towards his co-streamers, once hitting Codi in the face with his Blue Jays hat. During all this, Connor sat in the corner while rubbing his stomach shouting “Sherlock” and “Young Pope” a reference completely out of date.

Luke would later tell everyone to leave his basement room, in which he later posted on Twitter that their Podcast is now over:

“Fuck all of you, its over I aint got time to be telling none of you shit, Fuck Kyle, and Fuck L.A., THM is OVER!!!!”

TwoHandsomeMen Podcast wasn’t like every other show on Twitch, there were its good times, strange times, boring times, and sometimes just plain stupid talk. THM in a way was a product of its time, its clear the guests never kept up with today’s society and culture, it’s sometimes sad to see something you sort of love say goodbye. I guess we can’t always have everything we want. Finally, to avoid situations like this, just simply talk to one another, love one another, respect each other, and have fun.

Sincerely, L.A.

P.S Fuck Geoff