Design Thinking 101

Design thinking is an innovative problem solving method that is used to arrive to one’s solution more effectively and strategically.

“The essential ability to combine empathy, creativity, and rationality to meet user needs and drive business success”

) Empathize — This part of the process involves you to look from the perspective of the customer. In order to come to a productive solution one needs to first understand the problem at hand.

)Define — The defining process involves coming to a definite answer to what the problem is and what it entails. This information comes from your research and observations.

)Ideate — This step involves coming up with and creating a handful of creative and innovative ideas. The more ideas and input, the easier it will be in the further steps.

)Prototype — Experiment with your ideas from the ideate step and build a working representation of your solution to the problem.

)Test — This step involves taking your prototype and putting it into action. This step will allow you to collect important feedback from your testing.

)Implement — This is the final step of design thinking. In this final step you take the vision you had at the beginning and put it into effect.

These 6 steps are crucial for being successful in your business. Implementing design thinking into your everyday lifestyle will increase your productivity and help you become a more efficient problem solver. I challenge you to start thinking in the 21st century and USE DESIGN THINKING!