Cryptosolartech — Blockchain And Renewable Energy

Energy Consumption for Cryptocurrency Mining is Very Expensive?

The biggest problem in the world of cryptocurrency mining is about the consumption of high electrical energy. because the mining of cryptocurrency using processors is closely related to electricity consumption, even for developed and large countries, cryptocurrency mining is still considered to be very wasteful of electrical energy.

Even according to Sebastiaan Deetman, a graduate of Industrial Ecology at Leiden University in 2010, and a scientist related to the power consumption of the Bitcoin network said, that Bitcoin’s electricity consumption rate would be equivalent to Danish electricity consumption by 2020. and Deetman also calculated that on one transaction in the Bitcoin network requires electricity consumption commensurate with the daily consumption of 1.6 households in America. And the amount of electricity consumption increases.

So What’s The Solution for The Problem?

many people think that including me, the best solution to the problem of the high cost of cryptocurrency mining is by utilizing renewable energy resources such as water, solar, wind, geothermal, etc. from where the idea underlies the establishment of the Cryptosolartech project.

What is Cryptosolartech?

In accordance with the project name itself CryptoSolarTech which means the utilization of solar energy to mine cryptoassets. The solar & miner plants will be located in the South of Spain. And why in south spain? because the location has been researched and monitored in the long run, and the site has excellent weather that allows to obtain abundant photovoltaic energy, so that solar farms can be managed effectively and efficiently.
for initially this farm will be equipped up to 3000 units miner machine.

This hash power will be rented to the token holders to have access to the facilities to mine the crypto assets they choose between different portfolios offered by CryptoSolarTech at any time. and how to access to participate in the CryptoSolarTech miner project is to use a CST Token *(Name of CryptoSolarTech Token)*, only token holder that can rent some of the miner algorithms for their own portfolio mining return.

And Team CryptoSolarTech will sell Token CST or commonly referred to as the ICO program, with a total of 1.260 million CST tokens to be issued in this sale. and all unsold CST Tokens will be burned

Here are the details of Token sale that will be done:

Token sale will be organized as follows:

1. There will be private sale and public sale tokens

2. Minimum purchase is 5000 CST

3. Sales will be divided into several periods with different discount bonuses, so investors who buy early will get more discount, of course with a limited period.

4. Token price estimate is 0.07 € / CST.

SOFT CAP: 19,674,667 CST Tokens
HARD CAP: 1,260,000,000 CST Tokens


Pablo Alonso [in]
Co-Founder & CEO

Alain Aguirre [in]
Co-Founder & CEO

Roque Garijo [in]
Renewable Energies Director

Antonio Arranz [in]
Strategy Director

Manuel Martínez [in]
Project Manager

Isra García [in]
Marketing Director

Antonio Trujillo [in]
National Sales Director

Juan Borrajo [in]
Public Works Technical Director

Paula Pascual [in]
Executive Director

Diego Rios Padrón [in]
Legal Civil Counsel

Francisco Estepa [in]
Legal Counsel

Pablo Yabo [in]
Smart Contract Development

Alberto Arenas [in]
Renewable Energies Specialist Engineer

Mari Cruz Álvarez [in]
Renewable Energies Specialist

Javier Marín Leal [in]
Renewable Energies Specialist

Daniel Recuenco [in]
CTO & Web Development

Ariel Yabo [in]
Security Coordinator

David Lesmes [in]
Graphical Designer

Aitor Contreras [in]
Digital Marketing Specialist

Eric Morera [in]
Digital Marketing Consultant

Mariam Khan [in]
International Sales & Customer Service Manager

Victor Ronco [in]
ICO Advisor

Josef Ajram [in]
Brand Ambassador & Special Financial Advisor

Sebastián Wain [in]
Security Advisor

Alex Sicart [in]
Disruptive Technology Advisor

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