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There is no such thing as a “Progressive Democrat” — a “progressive” is progressing us toward communism — the opposite of democracy or a free Republic.

Be careful what you wish for. When the Nazi regime was taken down and the German people asked why they went along with it, they conveyed that it happened slowly at first, and by the time it took hold it was too late to stop it. Sounds familiar.

Here are the 8 steps to instilling communism — sound familiar to what you’ve observed in recent decades? BTW — the communists are residing in both parties as “DINO”s and “RINO”s — Democrat/Republican in name only.

Both parties used to be aligned with the Constitution. Each member of the House, Senate and Congress take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign or domestic — and many of them have become the enemy of the Constitution — that document which when followed protects our rights as American citizens. Look at this document “The Freedom Index” and look at the deplorable voting record of the 250+ representatives we have elected to those offices: only 10 (<2.5% have a voting record at least 90% aligned with the Constitution. If you want your rights protected, vote the other 97.5% out of office! (that goes for Republican and Democrat!!!)

Wake up to the concept of Liberty, so you’ll know when officials are supporting it or destroying it.

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