How will he know if they liked it ?

It was late and he was tired, yet, it was the last day left for him to write. It was now or never.

He wanted to write. Now, he felt really bad. Not only for him, but also for the faint idea something would be lost if he didn’t write. When they came, they stay silent for a while. Various attempts were made, yet, stayed vain. He now did had a better grasp as to why it seems important for him. He understood now.

There was something a bit funny and a bit cruel, watching him — if there was anyone to watch — sighing before a blank screen. Thirty years before, it would have been a blank sheet. The thought didn’t relieved him at all. Weeks went by, and as usual, were the same : Wake up tired and lonely, working, back at home, until the end of the week. Empty minded during the weekend as if more time could be used and more so, should be used.

The thing is, every day, was fruitful with some idea or another, at least. Some days were particularly excellent. Most of them in fact. He did talk to a few relatives about wanting to write, and, alas, none had any magical solution, obviously.

A few months after their arrival, one person knew what they wanted. Not why they were here, but simply, in a strange way, what could make them leave, peacefully. This person could have simply stated they wanted something to read, but it would have been too simplistic. They wanted to feel. Not as humans, but something akin. They wanted a special feeling from a special person. They could have chosen anyone, but it was him.

So here he was, thinking about what should be his offer. What kind a story he could write ? It wasn’t his fate, as solemnly depicted in any movie. There was a way to do it, and he was about to do it. Suddenly, he found a way, hoping this loophole will work.

As he began to slowly fill the page, he knew he was on the right tracks. How will they know he had done anything ? How will he know they liked it ? Will they leave immediately or soon after ? Will they want more ?

More question and no more answers, but it wasn’t that bad, he was almost done writing.

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