I starved myself living in NYC. I have compassion.
Kirill Ryadchenko

These people who are criticizing were way worse off than her. An entry-level job with healthcare and free food? That’s pretty unheard of. It’s just absurd that anyone would complain about that.

I worked in retail for 2 years after college at $8 with no perks. I certainly couldn’t afford an apartment. And yeah, it sucked, but I didn’t blame my employers because they didn’t pay me enough to make a minimal effort in a job I hated, it was my choice to major in History. I make decent money with great benefits now, but it took years to get here, whereas she couldn’t tolerate even one year as a customer service rep, apparently she expected to move straight up to a high-paying job that requires little to no work within a couple months. Can you not see how absurd that sounds?