Governance — Phase 1

  • This is where the proposal process begins! Anyone is free to post a topic to the ideas thread.
  • An idea doesn’t have to follow the official proposal format and can be much more free form.
  • The goal is to take the best ideas and produce draft proposals.
  • When an idea is ready to be proposed a Draft Proposal should be written. All drafts must be approved by our CM team. We ask that people use the following format so all proposals have a similar structure -
  • Name — Brief Name and CUIP-00X “Tag”
  • Summary — Two or three sentences describing the proposal.
  • Motivation — Describe to the community the reasoning behind why this proposal is necessary.
  • Details — Dive into the specifics of what is being proposed.
  • Conclusion — Outline the voting choices as well as any relevant details around cost and timelines.
  • Once a proposal has been approved for vote we will add it to the Live Proposals Category. Here we simply track the progress of the snapshot voting process as well as the results.
  • In Progress
  • Pass
  • Fail
  • When a proposal is ready to go live we will submit it to Snapshot where it will be live for a 5 day period.
  • Any individual who has staked their RBW prior to a vote starting may participate in governance by voting with their sRBW. 1 sRBW = 1 vote
  • For a proposal to pass it must meet a quorum of 33% of sRBW.
  • Once the voting period is ended we will record the results in the Live Proposals section and begin the process of implementation.
  • Ecosystem Grants — Round 1
  • LP Staking Program
  • Governance Council Proposal
  • Governance Council Election
  • Third-Party Developer Grant



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