Are you comfortable describing your superpowers?

I know I’m not alone in the discomfort I feel while working on the Day 4 assignment for this blog challenge. I do NOT want to look closer at my superpowers, or write them down to share with you. I even went so far as to wait late into the evening, so that it would be difficult to ask for feedback from people who know me…

This week I’m playing along with the lovely Natalie Sisson during the blog challenge (aff).

I’ve always been someone who waits until the very last possible moment to work on a project, if it’s important. Something I’m not terribly proud of, and have certainly been criticized for.

But, on the flip side, when those projects have been graded (for a school assignment, or in a contest) they’re often among the highest ratings. Somehow, waiting until the last minute pushes me to do my best work.

Maybe tonight won’t be the best example, but in general, I can pull out all the stops, remove my ego from the equation and “just get it done”.

In fact, the “getting it done” even though it’s not perfect has become something people know me for (not that I’m “famous” or anything), and I do believe my willingness to share things that I see as personal flaws, have helped other people to get their work out into the world too.

I was first able to help large groups of people get something done that they procrastinate on, through my “Catch Up Bookkeeping Day” (I invited people to work on their bookkeeping from their home / office via a virtual event), and then moved onto helping people create their own virtual events (for a very short time), and from there, helping people to create digital products and courses, in a very short time span (shorter than they would believe possible).

I even wrote a book about it :)

Info Product Complete — on amazon

And, where the ability to procrastinate may not be a superpower, I wonder if the skills learned from finishing at the last minute are what I needed to learn.

I’ve become incredibly resourceful and creative with tools and supplies I use. When you’re finishing a biology report 24 hours before it’s due, you can’t order special supplies from Amazon, or make trips to a specialty store.

You “make do” with what you have.

And, to some people, “making do with what you have” sounds like a bad thing. Possibly even like a ‘poverty mindset’. And I’ve been ashamed of it in the past — maybe even today as I’m writing it. But I strongly believe it’s the opposite.

Using what you already have access to stretches your mind, helps you think outside the box and makes you “wealthy”.

And, in my case, sort of turned me into a knowledge base of sorts.

I’ve become someone that people know they can reach out to when they have a problem, and haven’t found a solution that feels good.

I love, love to listen to the details of the problem, and connect the dots to a solution that might otherwise not make sense.

As a child, I built my barbie house out of recycled materials. Beds were made from small kleenex boxes, pillows from little packets used to keep moisture out of materials (probably silica gel packs)

And turned a golf tee and odds and ends into lamps, like this


Silly example, I know…but approaching life looking at other ways to use things I already have access too, has probably been the main reason I’ve created the type of business I have.

Combine that with my absolute love of helping people with tiny little things that are bugging them…

Like during the 60km walk I did in 2006, where I discovered a tiny little tweak to the way I tied my shoelaces, that made my back, knees and hip not hurt.

Instead of keeping the secret to myself, I would walk up to anyone and everyone who appeared to be having trouble with their walk (you can especially see it while walking behind someone — their ankles slightly roll in, instead of staying straight), and asked if I could adjust their shoelaces.


Lots, and lots of weird looks, yes! But also, some new friends & an awful lot of thank you’s at the end of the day.

Plus, I know that at least some of the 60+ people I shared my tip with, also shared it with others.

And one more thing, that I don’t talk about too much, is my “super secret I don’t want to tell anyone superpower” that doesn’t particularly light me up, but I believe I should mention, for fear that you might think I’ve completely ignored it. I smell things.

Not just things like farts, and milk that’s turned sour. But illness, and injury. It seems like one of those weird senses only a dog should have, but none the less, I’ve somehow got it… I rarely approach people to say, “hey, I think you should go visit your doctor — there seems to be a smell coming off your body that tells me there’s something wrong with your liver / kidney / colon”.

But there have been times where I’ve taken a family member or friend aside at an event, to ask them to check in with their spouse, parent, loved one…especially if it seems advanced.

If you think this sounds completely bonkers (reading what I wrote sounds bonkers to me too), then maybe take a quick look at this article

Anyway, it’s a bit exhausting, and I’d like to keep it sort of in the closet for the time being :)

So, with all of that said, here’s what I see, as the superpowers in me (wait, does that rhyme? lol)

  1. I connect the dots where there doesn’t seem to be a straight line
  2. I notice little pain points, and know we can find a solution
  3. I believe in the power of using things I already have access too
  4. I have a wealth of information (feels like ‘useless information’ to me) at the tip of my tongue, all the time
  5. and, I love to answer questions…I could do it all day long :)

Go ahead… ask me anything?

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Blog Challenge Day 4

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