My Perfect Day

I wake up feeling refreshed. I stretch, look out the window, daydream for a while. Then, slowly reach over and pick up my tablet to see what’s happening in the world outside of my bedroom.

After a browse through emails, maybe a few short replies, I get up to make a pot of coffee, fill the sink with hot water to do the dishes from last night, and prepare a light breakfast.

Then, I slip into my favorite chair in the fresh air, laptop in hand, and see who I can help first today.

This week I’m playing along with the lovely Natalie Sisson during the blog challenge (aff).
The view from my favorite chair on a cloudy afternoon

An hour later, I’ll refill my coffee, have a bit of a stretch and come back to work until I’m ready for lunch.

I might work a bit longer, or have a nap, depending on how I’m feeling today.

If I’m at the beach, I’ll spend the afternoon with pen and paper work

  • maybe drafting a blog post
  • or writing out the first version of a mini course
  • or solving a client problem that just wasn’t making sense while I sat at the computer

A quick dip in the water, and a short nap in the sun makes the afternoon fly by.

afternoon by the water — afternoon of planning and enjoying nature

My hubby comes home from work and we talk about his day, and make dinner together.

hubby working on a painting for my parents

After dinner, I sit back down to work for a few more hours. This is my favorite time to work. There’s a different energy at this time of night. The people I connect with are in a better mood somehow, and in most cases, I can find creative solutions without all of the extra white noise and distraction I’m usually battling. Evening work feels like playtime to me.

I might even get lost in researching a new online tool, fall down the proverbial rabbit-hole while, finding the answer to someone's question, that leads me to another possible alternative, that leads me to a completely free alternative, that reminds me I may be able to implement it on one of my hobby sites…

If that little offside adventure can also be turned into a blog post, that helps someone else with their own search, then I’m in full bliss mode. It’s my kind of heaven.

When my eyes begin to feel heavy, I make my way to bed. I’ll play a few games (the newest King ‘de jour’), send extra lives to friends, help them unlock roadblocks & then fall back into a nice long sleep, so that I can start over again tomorrow.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Blog Challenge Day 3

p.s. 90% of my days look exactly like this — not always afternoons by the pool (Canadian winters, and all of that) but otherwise, my days are still very much how I’ve envisioned.

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