natural hot springs at Skookumchuck, BC

Spur of the moment adventures

I’ve always valued last minute adventures, so while creating my dream business, having the flexibility to do something “spur of the moment” wasn’t even negotiable.

In fact, I don’t think it was even negotiable when I worked in the corporate world! I’ve almost always had jobs where I had some sort of flexible work schedule.

  • at 19, a telemarketing gig from 10–6 pm, but if I completed a “sales quota”, I could leave anytime after 2pm and still be paid for the entire day
  • at 24, working in 5 different departments at the same company, to keep up the adventure
  • at 26, working insane hours during the week, but able to take the afternoon to watch a matinee, or go shopping with co-workers to Costco to buy healthy snacks for the staff room
  • at 30, starting my first full time business, buying my first laptop (with external floppy disk drive, and numeric keyboards) so that I could work from the road, while in a tangled up custody battle in another province (between my husband and his ex)
  • at 40, taking off for 5 weeks to explore the east coast, and write a book

But today, when the opportunity to take an adventure as part of the 10 day blog challenge, came up — I was in bed sick…. and I suppose that needed to be my adventure for the day.

So, instead I’ll share with you a quick story from 2 weeks ago.

My hubby came home from work on Wednesday & said he had a job in a remote area near a natural wilderness hot springs we love to visit.

It’s 45km down an insanely bumpy forestry road, north of Whistler BC

I lose cell phone coverage about 1 1/4 hours from the hot springs — it’s a true remote getaway for me.

Instead of needing to reschedule a bunch of appointments, I was able to say yes, without even really needing to check my calendar (although I did, just in case there was something I’d booked months ago, and had forgotten about).

We got on the road at 6:00 a.m. (I’m a night owl — so this is painfully early for me), fueled up with coffee and a breakfast sandwich at Tim Hortons and made the long drive to his work assignment.

I had a nap in his work truck while he worked, read a novel for a while and went for a walk near the little village.

It began to rain, so I came back, and ate my lunch in the truck.

When he was done his work, we drove again, past this lovely little spot on the lake.

And ultimately ended up here…. soaking in the hot tubs

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Blog Challenge Day 8

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