Birth of Beautiful Ballerina

Ballerinas at WSO2Con 2017 USA. Photo credit: Samisa

Search of languages for enterprise integration was never ending!

A lots of big names were in the game. A lots of XML based attempts and many more.

WSO2’s patent pending sequential diagram based language is just born Yesterday at WSO2Con 2017 USA.
Ballerina is crafted carefully for catering the most simple passthrough message integration, to the mission critical and advance enterprise integration needs in one place.

Ballerina capabilities are summarized by Chanaka Fernando here in short and sweet.

Ballerina is replacing a language that is almost a decade old, XML based Apache Synapse language, which is empowered by WSO2 committers mostly. With the lessons learned through the past decade, WSO2 engineers have been working on this for a long time with careful attention to every detail, where it matters.

Sanjiva introduced Ballerina WSO2Con 2017 USA on Monday.

Try a Ballerina sample today and embrace the beauty!