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Hey just want to refer to some of the comments you have made here ” but in the longer term, this mass emigration will invariably lead to more Sinhalasization of Tamil land.” ….. Well if you refer to this statistic from Wikipedia, which have been taken from the statistical department, don’t you feel that what’s actually happening is a Muslimization? Take a look at the figures from 1981 to 2011 …

For Sinhalese 1981– 10 979 561 — — — 2011– 15 250 081 Population growth is 38%
For Sri Lankan Tamils 1981– 1 886 872 — — — 2011– 2 269 266 Population growth is 20.26%
For Sri Lankan Moors 1981– 1 046 926 — — — 2011– 1 892 638 Population growth is 80.78%

So it is pretty evident abut what would happen in the future… an inevitable Muslimization.

Also regarding the reference to “Tamil Homeland”, are you referring to Sri Lanka as the Tamil Homeland? If that is the case then that is a very outrageous comment because history documented in not only stone scriptures but also many other sources prove that it is the homeland of Sinhalese. And even then when the history clearly says so, our government says it’s the homeland of “Sri Lankans”, which clearly means that as a government, there is nothing against the Tamils. I personally have worked with a lot of Tamils and we harbour no hostile attitudes towards them nor do they. All these simply happen for the political advantages of those who used the war for money making like Uncle Sam does. There is no need to harbour hatred within the innocent children that are born and to be born within Sri Lanka for our Motherland (yours and mine) has been battered to a pulp. All we really need is people to make this the Pearl of the Indian ocean without making it the Tear of Indian ocean…..