Is Twitter’s promote mode worth the $99 monthly subscription?

Recently, Twitter just released its Promote Mode offering in beta. Users can subscribe in a $99 monthly subscription pay-as-you-go model where Twitter will actively promote your tweets by a strict criterion you can choose from.

So how does it work?

You will find the “Promote Mode” button in your profile’s drop down menu:

After you click on the button you will be routed to the Promote Dashboard:

Above is a snapshot of my plan which has been running for 7 days as of today. As you can see Twitter has shoved my tweets down 4,678 unsuspecting users throat!

So in total you will reach roughly 18,000 people over 30 days. That is 600 users per dollar.

18,000 people for $99 does not sound very alluring and Twitter also does not provide detailed analytics which can help you track your engagement better like:

  1. Time of day users viewed your tweet/profile. Did more people see your content after 9pm or before midday?
  2. Breakdown of engagement by day. Do more people view your tweets on the weekend or weekdays? Do most people engage with your tweets around 11am very Tuesday? Why is that? You can try to find interesting correlation or causation.
  3. Average time spent on your tweet or profile
  4. How many retweets or comments did you get?
  5. A breakdown of users interacting with your content. Their demographic, location, interests, top followers, top following, top hashtags etc.

Twitter allows you to target your audiences via 2 methods Interests or Location (you can only choose 1):

You can only choose 5 out of 25 interests. The limited option of 5 Interests excludes a huge audience who might have overlapping interests.

Or you may choose up-to 5 locations. This is also not an ideal method either as you can can only choose city or state. This excludes your audience over different countries or regions.

Billing is very straightforward, you can visit the highlighted URL anytime and update or delete your debit/credit cards. However, once enrolled you will have to pay charges for the enrolled month and there is no reimbursement upon cancellation.

After doing my final year’s post-grad research project on Social Network Analysis from Twitter data I realized Influencers (people who have large followings) and Hashtags makeup the visible Twitter ecosystem. By adding a feature where you could target someones followers or target people via a particular hashtag you can formulate a more desirable engagement strategy.

All in all, I was disappointed in Twitter’s Promote Mode. In all fairness, it is in Beta and is the first iteration so Twitter will make improvements. But the $99 price tag is too hefty for what this tool offers at this moment in time.

Thanks for reading!