Principal of Success:

Amal, Just start and sabr-e-jameel/Kam kam kam are some important principal; by following these we can get succeeded. Many of our legends follow these principal in successful life. One of the biggest example of Our national hero Edhi sb embraces these principals and just start his Amal with only one paisa. He was motivated’ committed and had strong self believes. Here is my own example related to this, in University time i was engaged with social activities. Peace and Interfaith harmony was the topic and i need to implement discussion with the combination of different religious peoples; Muslims, Christian, Hinduism, Sikh. I was little bit afraid because it was the sensitive topic and they would be harsh on some points. after that i finally take step and decided to Just start the discussion. All things will be done and i succeeded in productive session/discussion. I am impressed by the treatinbehavior of Edhi sb they never differentiate them by caste, color etc. I like this example or experience that joints people together.

Goal Decided: Just Start To Speak In English

I have just started speaking in English as it was my fear that i was not able to talk in English fluently but can write it, I have not practiced it in communications. Now i am motivated and committed to meet this fear. It was necessary to tackle because it was becoming the hurdle in my progress and professional life. i have just taken three parts to start this. Self talk, I was very motivated from shared material and third one is Just start it and be committed.It was very healthy and productive experience and definitely its long life learning.

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