Psychology of a student

Ever wonder why everything seems more interesting for a student during final exams?

Students usually don’t like to study. For them it is like a hard job which they must have to perform, but in the month of examination it is more like a do or die type thing due to which they are highly pressured.

The pressure keeps on increasing especially when the parents remind them every second of the day that they have an exam tomorrow or the next day. This irritates them like obviously they know they have an exam and are more worried then their parents. They are not only worried about their paper but also about their parents as they know their parents expect much more from them than they actually could do. They become exhaust and every single thing surrounding them becomes more interesting than their studies. It is a saying that

Being Pressured To Get Good Grades in School Can Make or Break a Student

So parents needs to understand and this needs to be finish and they should realise that every child has a different ability, everyone could not reach their expectations and that their mind is not a pressure cooker or if it is in anyway it could also explode.

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