If and when I have kids, I will help them start a “coffee meeting fund” with the sole purpose of teaching them value of connecting with others.
Start A Coffee Meeting Fund
William Frazier

It is so timely for me to read this specific article.

  • Opportunities happen because of people: absolutely everything that has been going on in my life for the last 5 years have been because of people. Asking for help, for advice, or simply meeting people with similar AND different interests have taken my life to whole different level.
  • Setting up a coffee meeting: that’s what I started doing at the last company I worked from the second week onwards. It has allowed me to become visible within the company, where I was just an intern, and have met and bonded with the whole leadership team and many others. So many connections and mentoring opportunities were created over coffee. It was worth sleeping poorly for a few months :)
  • I was talking to my parents last week about how I consider a little budget to network and buy people coffee to get to know them better. As you say, the perfect word for this is Investment.

Ugh, I love when life does that — bring you more reflections and perspectives on things that are happening or that I am already reflecting upon!

Thank you for yet another inspiring post William Frazier :)

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