We can’t be perfect 100% of the time
Yes, There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Self-Help
Chris Marchie

Spot on Chris, one of the best posts I’ve read in the pool of “how to become this super human in 2018” tsunami of articles! Thanks for this!

It’s funny because I’ve been reflecting on the exact same topic yesterday, before getting into the new year. I had all these tabs open with different advice on how to approach the new year, the resolutions, not having resolutions, yes having resolutions but not calling them that, and push more, but no not so much, but… aaaah gosh. And then I just decided to listen to what I needed. Best decision ever.

I tend to always look for answers outside because it feels easier and simpler when other people just tell me what to do. But I’ve realized that even in self-help, there’s only so much guidance you can get before you actually have to be brave and make your own decisions.

And try things.

make mistakes.

And be human.

And not be freaking perfect all the time.

And accept that, learn from it and move on.

Happy New Year!

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