Be OK with doing things differently to the crowd. Follow your weird, and own it.
How to have an unfair advantage
Alex Mathers

Yes, yes, YES, a thousand times YES. This article is just amazing — if I had to list mantras, I would come here and stripe out all these powerful statements. Every line resonated and although I couldn’t highlight the whole article, I sure highlighted a shameful (not!) amount of it :)

  • Follow your weird: not doing what everyone’s doing just because it so important, and I fight to do this everyday—fighting against the inner resistance and inner doubtful voice that wants me to conform. NO WAY.
  • Forget trying to be “all things”: so hard. I’m struggling to accept that I shouldn’t try to be knowledgable in every damn field I might potentially need some day.
  • Take what has been successful, and make it yours: hell yeah! I didn’t get the concept of “inspiration” until I started writing on Medium. Reading articles fuels me with ideas, on which I can then share my very own perspective.
  • Treat your body like a glorious, well-oiled machine: the more I do this, the better I feel.

Thank you, thank you, and genuinely thank you for this article :)

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