Factors To Consider While Selecting Fabrics For Commercial Upholstery

Selecting the right fabric for commercial upholstery can seem like an overwhelming task to many people. But in order to make sure that the furniture pieces stay around for a long period of time, it is important to choose the right material. Not only will that help the furniture items to blend in well with the existing decor, but also make them sturdy and durable.

In order to pick fabrics for commercial upholstery in Sydney, here are some important factors that must be considered meticulously:

Where Will The Furniture Be Placed?

This thing often plays an important role in deciding how durable a furniture item would be. If you are going keep the furniture items in a place with low traffic, feel free to go for sensitive fabrics like linen or silk. But if the location of the furniture is a high traffic area, you might as well go for something that can stand the tests of frequent use. Combination and engineered fabrics are your best bets in such cases, as they tend to last longer than their natural counterparts even if used on a regular basis. If the area receives direct sunlight for extended hours, you will need a material that conceals fading.

Consider The Fabric Pattern Carefully

Choose fabrics with such patterns that are capable of hiding stains efficiently and can look relatively better than the plain ones. However, make sure that you opt for something which actually complements its surroundings. Printed patterns may sometimes mar the decor of the entire room, but woven ones perform much well. Moreover, a pattern that looks appropriate on small chairs may not look good with loveseats or couches. Therefore, size is also an important aspect that you must take into account.

Fabric Colour

When choosing fabric for commercial upholstery, go for a colour that would portray the mood you wish to express via your furniture. Warm colours will provide a feeling of relaxation, whereas bold ones can spread cheerfulness throughout the room.

Fabric Grade

The grade of a fabric generally indicates its manufacturing cost, but many people mistake it for durability. Be careful of this fact when selecting fabric for commercial upholstery. The higher the grade, the better the fibre type and its thread count and construction procedure. Some manufacturers use an alphabetical system for grading their fabrics, others do it numerically. If you are not aware of the different grades available in the market, ask your manufacturer about them.