Want time to slow down a bit? 5 tips for time management

In today’s space age, most of us view our lives as a never-ending maze- too many twists and turns, uncertainties, responsibilities, and challenges. However, time is the only thing that keeps our lives flowing. If managed well, time can be a blessing rather than something that we wish for to slow down. Here are some helpful tips for an efficient use of our time (Yes, because once its gone, its never coming back!)

  1. Start of your day

The start of your day, or the first thought of your day for that matter, is the most crucial part. Start your day with positivity. As soon as you open your eyes, sit up first, and then tell yourself that its going to be a great day! Trust me, that just saved you hours of stress and depressive thoughts from the day. Bow down and tell God to handle all the good and bad that you’re going to face today. Being hopeful is the cherry on top of the cake. Always.

2. Prioritize your tasks

More often than not, we know the things that are to be taken care of in a day. However, little do we know the order in which they’re to be worked on. Therefore, make a list of all the tasks that you want to complete. Yes, there may be more than one important task, but they have to be dealt with one after the other, to make sure that the quality of your work is good (not just the quantity).

3. Keep an eye on yourself

Workaholics usually get so engrossed in their work, that they tend to neglect their own needs. Keep yourself hydrated, eat well, sit in the right posture, talk to your loved ones, give yourself some time to do what you like (swimming, gym, praying, reading, dancing, etc.). All the above will help you refresh your mind, and hence allow you to work more productively.

4. Time yourself

A lot of times, our to-do lists seem to be just fine. However, we tend to lose track of time. Time yourself for each task, to keep yourself moving.

5. Plan ahead of time

It’s always good to be one step ahead. If you know what your week is going to look like, then plan ahead of time. It’s natural for us to deviate from our to-do lists due to some sudden plans, but planning ahead helps you decide what you have to do, and keeps your tasks in your mind.

Every action that we do, and every task that we accomplish, somehow reflects us. If we’re content from within, our work is most likely to be better than if we’re stressed or agitated. So let time work according to you, and not vice-versa.

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