3 min readAug 18, 2019

My daughter and I have been exploring different parts of Europe. I haven’t traveled to Europe for a few years but now that I’m back, I plan on traveling a lot more! I forgot just how much I love being here, walking around Paris I was feeling a bit fearful to use my french so I let my french family do all the talking but once we got to Italy, I decided to conquer my fear!

I began to listen, ask and speak Italian, a language I have never learned, but one that I plan on learning becauseI I plan on seeing all of Italy with my family! I’m usually the girl who runs towards my fear, not away from it.

I realize that some people are so crippled by fear that they don’t really live their best life. I don’t want to just settle in life, I’m not interested in living a mediocre life. I know that in order to live a meaningful life, one has to conquer their fear. If you’re afraid of heights climb the highest mountain, if you’re afraid of flying, get on a plane, if you’re afraid of drowning, learn to swim and jump in the water! Our education shouldn’t end after college, we should continue to learn and grow. If you feed anything in life, it will grow. If you feed your fear, it will grow.

The mind is more powerful then anything, My mother who was an amazing source strength for her children, would always say that wanting something is the first step to doing it! Believing in yourself is the second step. Only when you overcome your fears can you truly feel joy.

Joy comes from conquering something, it comes from achieving something. Start by focusing on what you have instead of what you don’t have. Whatever you look for you will find. We get what we focus on so focus on the present and on what you have and run towards your fear!