Feedback in remote teams: The gift that keeps on giving

Building trust and support

The many hidden facets of humans

Fundamentals of feedback

1. Feedback is a gift 🎁

2. Knowing how to receive feedback is just as important as giving it 🙏

Stepping all the way up to feedback enlightenment

3. When giving feedback, focus on how you felt about someone else’s actions 🙋

Feedback helps unblock feelings

“At the end of the day, we’re all people — and people have feelings.”

Hanno’s first dance with feedback

Better than boy scout badges: feedback sticky notes
Dino giving me feedback on my feedback. Much meta.

Giving group feedback, remotely — it’s a lot less scary than it sounds

The feedback template I hacked together

Part 1: Feedback ≠ Evaluation

Part 2: Sharing is caring

The verdict? It’s a keeper



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