We ran four design sprints in one month, here’s what we learned

Laine Plummer
Mar 14 · 5 min read

Google Ventures methodology is a starting point — adapt the process to fit your culture.

Modified co-creation session Red Ventures

Not every design project is sprint-worthy.

Business strategy first. Sprint second.

Facilitation is a two woman job.

Emily Parker, Sr. UX Designer at Red Ventures co-facilitating a sprint.

Bring in junior talent. Bring in brand new employees, too.

Keep the guest list small.

Who forgot to invite a writer? Not me.

Margaret Smith, Sr. UX Content Strategist Red Ventures presenting concepts during sketching.

Is a sprint without debate really a sprint?

Laine Plummer

Written by

VP of Creative {Design | Content | UX} @RedVentures & Personal Assistant to two toddlers at home.

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