Why the Ricoh GRII is the Best Camera Today
Luke Dennison

I totally agree. I’ve tried every camera imaginable. I always come back to this as my carry-everywhere camera. The only time I don’t is when I am carrying my Olympus Stylus Epic film camera. The Ricoh has the sharpest lens. It also produces exquisite files. I love the 28mm format. I also use a Fuji X-T10, but the camera is much bigger. I use the Sony RX100 V when I need a zoom. The lens on that is softer. I also hate those ARW files and colors. The Ricoh is a joy to use and produces some of the best color, and especially monochrome images. I also use Sigma DP Merrill cameras. Pain to use, have to shoot in low ISO, eats batteries. I get the most detail from this camera, but the Ricoh is the most FUN to use, so it goes everywhere, because it does it all so well without a hitch.

Each camera has something that makes it work for the photographer. There isn’t one solution. My wish for the next Ricoh GR? I would like a tilting screen or an EVF. Maybe make the lens a 2.0. The full monty would be if they made a very fast zoom. But I’m not going to be greedy here. I love the Ricoh. If I had to keep only one camera, this would be the one. I’ve tried every brand. Sony, Panasonic, Fuji, basically everything. As for those complaining about dust, I haven’t come a cross that, but I don’t put the camera in my pocket or take it out in Monsoons. Some people think the Fuji X70 is great too. I agree in that it has the tilt screen, but the lens is NOT as sharp. It’s NOT! I like other aspects of the Fuji though, and I wish Ricoh GR would follow Fuji’s lead in this and improve the feature set. Keep the snap focsusing. The Ricoh is better though. People who say otherwise haven’t used both, or they are really blind.

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