Eway LED Tri-proof Lamp 054 Series

LED Tri-proof Lamp is a wonderful product of Eway, high quality, best price,pretty outlook etc.

Product Feature:

  1. Soft and Uniform light, premium light quality
  2. Professional wiring work
  3. Strong heat dissipation management design
  4. Multi-function for various application requests
  5. Patented design PC Lens for innovation lighting effects
  6. Over 60% energy saving


  1. Strandard option:100–110lm/w 3 or 5 years warranty
  2. Super high lumens:>130lm/w
  3. Dimmable solution:DALI
  4. Dimmable solution:0–10V
  5. Dimmable solution:Programmable
  6. Flicker free solution
  7. Daylight sensor solution
  8. Motion sensor with on/off solusion
  9. Motion sensor with dimming solution
  10. Emergency solution

Sample is welcome

Feel free to contact me:)

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