So today I am taking a risk. I am putting a poem out into the world that I don’t think I am done with. Or, rather, I don’t think this poem is done with me.

While I was writing, I sensed this poem taking a turn into deeper and sometimes darker places. My thoughts turned to my own memories of airport hellos and goodbyes. I want to write about them but I am not sure those thoughts are quite yet ready. Or…perhaps I am not ready for them.

Either way, here is my start. Enjoy.

I remember how traveling by airplane used to be:

How you always got dressed up, and

How you would get peanuts and a smile from a stewardess, and

How there were stewardesses, and

How there was a smoking section, and

How the pilots let you visit the cockpit.

But what I miss

Is the human theater of travel:

The terminal goodbyes,

The desperate clingings-to

From lovers who may see each other

Never again,

Or maybe next Thursday.

And the reuniters,

The standers with signs

Or flowers

Or flutters of excitement

Or bad news and a hug.

These exchanges are now gated,

Cordoned off,

Secured to


The drop-off lane,

The Kiss ‘n Fly.