The Road to TwitchCon 2016: Call for Content & First Featured Broadcasters
Evan Freitas

Idk what that last response was all about, but that guy is a total dumbass who clearly doesn’t get the gravity of what Bungie has created (all by themselves) in year 1…. I.E: I would go so far as to say that Destiny in just its basic Y1 state is a profound and ever expandable story, while utilizing all the history material we (as the dominant species in this world) have laid out in our past, with an even more amazingly interesting outlook on our own possible future. To the person who left that bullshit comment why don’t I think before I speak.. You would possibly discover that what they started was not only an amazingly thoughtful game, the story, methods of discovery and advancement are massively tedious. In itself the team at Bungie laid out the “mother story” with phanominal detail and care. They are so good at what they do they created a foundation that is so air tight that its literally stable and big enough for them to actually connect with their customers and give out the opportunity for us to get even closer to the game. Now we can help to inspire and question things that we will all notice and appreciate in the future.

To the ass hole with no respect in the previous comment, wake up bro. If you honestly think that Bungie asking us for ideas is making us do the work, you might need to go back to school and learn how computers, programming and making a well known story move forward seamlessly with outside influence works. Honestly bro, the Atlas style team they have at Bungie are actually making their jobs slightly harder due to our input (holes and ignorance included). Just wanted to specifically explain why and how; you would be more useful and part of something bigger than yourself, if you were to go into the woods, grab a handful of poisen ivy and proceded to shove all that I could fit inside it urinary and anal cavities. Fucking useless garbage that comment.