The Road to TwitchCon 2016: Call for Content & First Featured Broadcasters
Evan Freitas

Now my actual response the topic at hand. I’m not the best player by any means but I’m very annoliticle and observant, with a burning desire to have even just one idea 💡 that you could use. So here it is:

A new realm makes itself accessible to us. Perks given out in each legendary bounty rewarded weapon in the top 25% of listed perks ever given. The Games would last allot longer than any other has ever been, it would take 3 Crucible rewarded weapons and 4 Vanguard weapons must be saves dived to the Vendor (whoever I pick) to whom I felt like Banshee-44 would hold the intro to the QUESTLINE that would put you through hell but simaltaniously grant each player at least 7 weapons and/or engrams. (accountability of the players sacrafices of the 3an4 weapons needed to get the Q.L. would secretly match each light level sacraficed..)So a smart Guardian after a few months would be smart to give all the highest light baring but lemon perk having weapons first for an almost guaranteed better and more effective weapon, but the actual weapon model they get will be left to the legendary gods. now imagine all of Greek mytholagy finally to set the vibe in the area and demeanor of the Vendor that would come to recrute(literally if I can make it happen) worthy gardians for the “purge of all weaknesses".the entire event would hopefully be your first Yearly 3month vice, (resets each participating month, so the “Quest Line" I mentioned might be more appealing as a Raid.) 3 attempts to “please the gods” would be given to all.. If I make it through with any prestige at all than an Exotic quest should be built for the content provided this year.

Here’s the exciting part, 3 entirely different New Raids for this event.. All class specific.. Only Warlocks may enter there own Exotic Raid. For the Warlocks, the all around msg and vibes given will emerse you in ancient Greek folklore, “Hesperides' Apple of Vices”. Idk if you want it but it’s yours to do with what you will.

The Hunters await the “Feast of Heracules” and Calypso would make a debut(Pleione being the pre requisite to the final battle in each version of the raid)Calypso isn’t hostile but will make a puzzle path more distracting like Medusa should do with the Warlock raid at some point and the Titans get the lovely honor of attempting to make a save point as Hyades uses the dark path as disorienting as possible..

One final twisted idea; you may be in a six person fireteam, but I wanna see a raid spread is thin from and spread way out from fear of being seen by the perfect :Clymene and Iapetus who tower so far above the giant (other worldly, 3 sectioned maze)

Once through the vices that test Gods you come to a large courtyard made of flat marble ground, and the rest of your vision should be consumed by either the amount of star formations and shortly thereafter.. The Giant, Atlas who carries us so our world cannot fall emerges from under the courtyards edge, upon seeing his sibling worn and shamed by mere humans, the Deity becomes threatened and “asurtive” he will be hard as hell.. Well, I hope you guys enjoyed my idea and if you don’t use any of it I won’t be bothered by it because I know the future of this games experience is your hands and I can’t wait till April gets here. Oh yea I forgot, there needs to be a huge 30 min. crucible varient that would break out when Atlas accepts his loss and hides in shame and out of desperation turns the towering walls that once divided the classes in the giants courtyard so it is how many Warlocks vs Titans vs Hunters

Yea I re-read this thing and feel bad that you guys gotta break it way down to make sense of it. Hope I guys aren’t turned off by that.. If so I’ll jus go ovr here an shut up. 💡⏳