Sep. 21–22: Think of something fun to do; Work on mind map

Sep. 23–24: Do fun idea, Play!

Sep. 25–28: ten silly ideas, Update blog

Do something fun

cool sea life and crocodile

Instead of watching a movie, I went to Sea Life aquarium with my friends. It has been a long time since I last visited an aquarium. Although the aquarium is very small, it was still fun to meet new species. it’s amazing that the crocodile can disguise as a stake for such a long time. Anyway, the aquarium is a very good place for relax.

Mind Map (image)


Mind Map (digitization)


Suggested Themes

  1. Sleeping: sleeping is a very important part for health. sleeping relates to both mental health and physical health. It is essential to everyone. But many people have problem falling asleep. Right now there are apps which can track people’s daily sleep, and pillows to help people fall asleep. Did they really work? what would help people fall asleep in a short amount of time?
  2. communication: The communication with family, friends nowadays are more often through social media. The balance between internet and real life are so important for today. Although social media could also spread information quickly, that could be also using to find and share health ideas, people may spend too much time online, and ignore the family or friends in real life.
  3. house environment: people, especially students have so much stress and so much work to do, they would forget to keep their room orgnize and clean(especially during midterm exam or final week). but a good environment means a lot to people. To me, a massy room would make me lazy (lazy to study, lazy to exercise, and even lazy to move). is there a way to keep the room clean?

10 Silly Ideas

pillow book (read, sleep, with a lavender smell)
food tracking refrigerator (track food quality, will put bad food into trash box, control pad on the side)
water bottle (track water temperature, water level, note when to drink, change setting with a app on smart phone, and track how much water you drink per day send data to the app on smart phone)
breakfast Cook (cooking machine for breakfast, can cook different style breakfast for you. Breakfast is very important for health. save time on the morning!)
sweet kitty night light (can convert co2 to oxygen, play soft music to help sleep, good friends for kids)
winter bike (a bike with build-in heating system in saddle and handlebar grip, 30 min biking would provide 2 hours energy for heating. and it also has a movable windshield on the front)
flying backpack — hold like a balloon
tech-monocle (a single lens glasses with transparent display and earphone, can connect to phone with bluetooth; listen music, anwser phone call, use gps while biking, running, walking and flying??; voice control)
3D projector (change themes online or by app on smart phone, when turning it on in a dark room, it will give you an immersive feel of the theme you choosed.)
magic shoes (when press star button, the shoes will change to another mode; select from running shoes, skating shoes, roller shoes, jumping shoes and flying shoes)
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