Does Breast Implant Profile Matter More than Size?

When considering breast implants, many women focus on deciding on the right size. While size certainly plays an important role in creating the best breast augmentation results, breast implant profiles are equally influential. Here’s a closer look at why breast implant profile matters and how to choose the right profile for you.

Implant Volume and Natural Anatomy
First, it’s important to understand that breast implants are measured in volume rather than in bra cup sizes. This is because the implant itself is filled with a certain volume of either saline solution, in the case of saline implants, or silicone gel, in the case of silicone implants. But when it comes to deciding on the right volume implant to match your size preferences, you must take your natural anatomy into account.

Even though breast augmentation provides women with the opportunity to enhance their figure, breast implants won’t change your underlying natural anatomy. Factors such as chest width, natural breast size, breast position, and the distance from the top of your breasts to your neck can all affect your final look after breast augmentation. The result is that a certain volume implant will appear differently on one woman than on another. This is where implant profile comes in.

Implant Profiles for Different Looks
Breast implant profile refers to the amount of projection from the base of the implant in relation to the width of the implant base. High profile implants have the greatest projection and the smallest implant base. Low profile implants have the least amount of projection and the widest base, while moderate profile implants are in between the two.

The varying profiles among implants means that same amount of volume will create a different look in a low profile implant as opposed to a moderate or a high profile implant. Oftentimes, when breast augmentation candidates are concerned with their overall breast appearance, profile is just as important a factor as implant size or volume, if not more so.

The best implant profile for you depends partially on your goal appearance. Generally, high profile implants are better for creating the busty, augmented look, while moderate profile implants can appear more natural. Low to moderate profile implants are often be the best option for women interested in a less noticeable enhancement, while high profile or moderate-high profile implants can help create a dramatic look for women interested in a more eye-catching silhouette.

The Best Profiles for Your Body Type
However, you can’t determine the best implant profile based only on your appearance preferences. Not all implant profiles are a good option for every breast augmentation candidate. For instance, women with narrow chest widths are typically more suited for high to moderate profile implants, since low profile implants may overwhelm their rib cage. On the other hand, not all slender women are candidates for high profile implants, as they look best on certain body types.

Conversely, women with wider rib cages may achieve the best look with moderate to low profile implants. These implants can create better cleavage by keeping the breasts closer together than high profile implants would, while also helping to create the desired ‘side boob’. Consulting with our plastic surgeon about your ideal results can be the best way to decide on the right implant profile for you. Round implants with different profiles and anatomically shaped or “teardrop” implants can also help to achieve desired effects.