Delete Device Copy in the Google Photo App

2 min read

It was just released last week, the new Google Photo App. I have been using what used to be called Picasa for years. Then Google Plus came around. I also have a Google Drive account. The confusion that I was having was backup and sync. I had a huge problem with Google Drive because you would sync files and if you deleted something it would disappear in both locations. Now with Google Photo, after I drilled down into the help section, it says you can have your photos backed up to the cloud and then go to “Device folders/Camera” folder and delete photos off your phone to make space for new ones while keeping your backed up photos in the cloud. This is not being explained clearly at all. I’m sure I’m not the only one having this problem. When I went and did this I got these two screens that made me sigh with relief. Delete device copy appears. Then this “are you sure” dialog. I just wish Google could make this easier for the average user. People are very sensitive about their photos and this must be easy to understand or it will just not be used.

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